Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book of Blood Movie Review

Well, I had heard of the short stories by Clive Barker on which this movie was based and I like him as an author. I wasn't sure what this movie would be like, as I hadn't heard anything at all about it. But, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It is directed by John Harrison who has directed a lot of TV stuff.
The story begins with a young man who is trying to eat in a restaurant. His face is cut and he looks strange. A man is watching him...The young man is so tired that he hardly notices the man following him. The man takes him to a deserted shack in the middle of nowhere where he informs him that he is going to kill him as he wants his skin for a collector of unusual artifacts. The young guy tells him to make it quick and then proceeds to tell the guy his story.... We are taken to a college where a professor of parapsychology, Mary(Sophie Ward) is teaching about the paranormal. In comes a young guy called Simon(Jonas Armstrong) and she is intrigued by him.
Mary and her sidekick Reg(Paul Blair) go to a house where a young girl was killed. Mary is interested in finding out what happened to her and if there is something strange in the house. Reg and Mary decide to move into the house and Reg brings in all his equipment for detecting spirits. Mary finds out that Simon has a gift and she asks him to come along with them. Reg isn't so keen. She begins to see strange visions such as evil children looking at her. She pushes on with her plan in the house and they all move in. Reg sees some activity on his computers and looks around. He hears screaming voices, but when he tells Mary, she doesn't hear or see anything. They hear Simon shouting and he has been cut and he is very scared. There is writing on the wall about Hell etc. Reg wonders if Simon really has a gift at all or is he just messing around?

That night, they hear voices again and this time, there are many more. Simon gets cut again and this time there is writing all over the room. Reg wants to pack up his bags and get out after that but Mary wants to stay so they do. She is visited by something that night, but there is no sign of it on the cameras. She decides to go back to her own apartment. Simon shows up there and she finds out that he faked some of the writing etc. She is disgusted with him and she tells him that she doesn't want his help anymore. He tells her that some of it IS real and he will prove it to her. He goes back to house and up to the room where it happened before. Mary and Reg are sceptical. This time, it is real and Simon finds himself being dragged to what can only be described as a sort of Hell. There are many ghosts there and they all cut his skin as they tell their stories. He is cut everywhere- on his face, his entire body is covered in their writings.
Mary follows him and she tells the ghosts that she will make sure that their stories are told. She keeps Simon in a huge house she buys and she reads his skin to find out about another story of a dead soul.. Simon is the guy from the beginning of the movie who was captured by this guy who wants his skin. We find out that Simon escaped from Mary, but that he was living in fear. The guy doesn't care and he kills Simon and takes his skin.Unfortunately, for him, he has messed with the wrong person because he drowns in blood. Mary shows up in the shack and she finds him dead and she finds Simon's skin with the writing still on it. She takes it..The movie ends with Simon now moving along with all of the other dead souls...
I liked this movie. It was interesting and I thought that it was well made. I liked the story and the actors were pretty good too. I would recommend it to any horror fan. I am going to give it a 7/10.


Anonymous said...

This is another I'll have to add to my must-see list.

Book of Blood said...

Yeh this is the movie which you would like to watch it once again. I have added this movie in my favourite movie list.

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