Friday, September 4, 2009

Devils Curse A.K.A. Credo Movie Review

This is a British movie and it is directed by Toni Harman. There isn't anyone in this you would know except Stephen Gately from the band Boyzone. He pops up in flashback...

It begins with a young woman called Alice(MyAnna Buring) who is studying in the library. The librarian comments that she is always the last to leave. She goes back to her flat to discover that her flatmates are having a party. The next morning, they are all thrown out of their flat. They have to find somewhere to go and the guy responsible, Jock(Clayton Watson) comes up with an old building that is going to be empty for 2 weeks. He knows the security guard and he has made a deal with him so they can stay. The place is called Eden and it was a theological college but it was closed down after some students tried to contact the Devil and there were murders there that looked like suicide.

The college students decide to try and contact spirits. That night, they hear noises but nothing happens. The next morning, they find one of the girls, Timmy(Nathalie Pownell) hanging from the roof. She is dead and the students wonder if it is suicide or if something or someone did it for her. The others know that it is only a matter of time before something happens to them and of course, it does. They begin to drop like flies, but every killing looks like suicide. They try to leave, but they find that they can't. They find some weird guy called Seth who tells them that they are in danger etc and that they should get out but they can't. They hear him talking to himself but he is really talking to something not from this world.
In the end, Alice and Scott are the only two left. They find a room where they discover books etc which tells them about the Devil. Each of them sees an illusion which is conjured up by the Devil and it tries to convince them to take their own lives.. So, who will survive?? I am not going to give away the ending which was weak anyway, but if you want to sit through this movie, then see what you think of it. For me, it was not great. I thought that there was too much talking and not enough blood and gore. As for being scary, I don't think so!!! This one is getting a low score from me- let's see, I think a 4/10 will suffice...


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