Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 6, Episode 10 Recap

So, last week, there was no Hell's Kitchen so we got treated to two this week. There was plenty of surprises and shocks in these two episodes. The first episode started from where last week left off. Andy finally got kicked off and everyone was happy enough with that. Suzanne was moved to the men's team and the men were not happy.This week, they are moaning about her and they tell her that they do not like her and that she will not have an easy time. She knows that and she vows to do her best so they will not get a chance to nominate her for eviction. The red team are delighted to get rid of her and they are happy that they do not have to listen to her anymore.

The challenge this week is for the chefs to make a meal from food available in Canada where the hotel is.They have to make a dish and present it to him and his guests, two Olympic Champions. The men win the challenge and they get to go to a nice restaurant and eat with a chef. The girls have to go to a farm and milk cows and clean up a pig pen. They are complaining etc.They have to think up their own menus and the blue team are fine, but the red team keep squabbling. Sabrina and Ariel try and freeze out Tenille and they disregard her ideas.They finally come up with their menu. Chef Ramsay looks at them and he approves. That evening, they go into service and Chef Ramsay has high hopes for them,but it soon becomes apparent that it is not going to turn out that way.

Van is having a bad night and he keeps under cooking his halibut. Chef Ramsay keeps catching him sweating into the food and he is not impressed. Tenille puts too much pepper in her food and Ariel under cooks her pasta three times. Dave hurts his arm and he wonders if he can continue, but he finds a way to push through the pain(Watch the clip above). Dave is going to be very close to the final if he is not in it. Van spills sauce on the counter beside Chef Ramsay and doesn't clean it up. That does not go down well. Then he serves raw halibut and he seems to have a meltdown, which is a pity as I like him and I thought that he was a better contender.

Sabrina under cooks her halibut too and gets herself in trouble once again. She is a bad cook and she is devious which I don't like. Chef Ramsay tells them to shut down the kitchen and he tells them that nobody won. He asks them to pick one person from each team to go home. So, the red team pick Sabrina and Van who I would have picked too. Sabrina gets the chop as she really doesn't have what it takes to become head chef. That's all for this week, I will be back soon with another thrilling episode of Hell's Kitchen!


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