Monday, September 14, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 6, Episode 9 Recap

Sorry I'm a bit late this week, but I was out of town for a few days..So, last week, we saw Amanda booted out of Hell's Kitchen for being a mediocre cook. She seemed like an okay person, but she was never going to win it...

This week, the girls let Suzanne know that they don't care for her much and that they are going to try and get rid of her when they can.Their challenge this week is to make crepes for Chef Ramsay and Jean-Phillipe. They all find it difficult but some find it harder than others..The girls win the challenge after Dave serves up a terrible looking crepe and Chef Ramsay is not impressed with it. Dave is annoyed with himself for this and he feels he let down the team. The ladies go for a pantomime lesson and dinner at a fancy restaurant while the guys have to do all the prep and just wallow in their loss. They have to eat horrible parts of a cow and other things which are revolting...(Watch the video clip above)

That evening as they are getting ready for service, Andy manages to slice the tops off three of his fingers.. That slows the guys down a bit. But, he comes back before long and he is in the kitchen to help. They have a new French menu to make tonight and it is harder because of Andy's hand being hurt this time. Dave takes over and he really shines in the kitchen, even though he is working with one bad arm. He is really doing well. Kevin has to help Andy on the crepes as he can't do them right. Chef Ramsay catches Andy standing around looking stupid and he is angry. Meanwhile, Suzanne is annoying everyone in the girl's kitchen as she has her timings all wrong and she holds up everything.

Dave is running all around the kitchen, doing everything at once and he is really doing well. Andy can't even dress a salad and Chef Ramsay ain't impressed with his mediocre efforts. Andy blames it on his fingers, but it is not excuse. He has dodged the bullet more than once and this is the last straw...Both teams have to choose two people to go so they elect Andy and Suzanne. Sabrina hasn't done every well either and Chef Ramsay calls her out too. Suzanne is told to step forward and she thinks that she is going home, but he is going to move her onto the men's team. That means that Andy is sent home.. He wasn't very good anyway. He just doesn't seem to have the drive the others have. The men are not happy with Suzanne being on their team..I will be back next week for what will be a good episode I hope...


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