Friday, September 11, 2009

Living Death Movie Review

This film is classed as a horror movie, but there is nothing very scary or very gory about it at all. I liked the story, but that was all. The movie itself was mediocre. It is more of a thriller than a horror. It is directed by Erin Berry who hasn't directed many movies.

The story revolves around the selfish, arrogant creep Victor(Greg Bryk) who is a rich man of 35 who seems to have it all. He has a wife who despises him and only stays with him for his money. The movie opens with Victor taking a girl back to his house and showing her his dead father's collection of torture equipment. She is turned on by this and she wants to get on the rack. He obliges and he starts to stretch her. She enjoys it at first, but after a while, she gets nervous and wants him to stop. He is playing with her when his wife Elizabeth(Kristy Swanson) walks in and sees what he is doing. This causes him to pull the lever too hard and he breaks the girl's leg. She sues him but he gets out of it because he has a good lawyer friend,Roman(Joshua Peace) who makes a deal with the girl and she leaves.

Roman is disgusted with Victor sometimes. He is also having an affair with Elizabeth and they are both planning to bump him off. Elizabeth wants to get control of his money and she wants Victor out of the way so Roman goes to his drug dealer pal and gets some drug that will kill Victor but leave him paralysed before he dies so that he can see everything that is happening before he dies. Roman brings food over and they spike it with the drug and it has an effect on Victor who falls to the ground and looks dead. He is still alive, however and we can see things from his perspective as the cops come and take pictures and put him in a body bag etc. He can't blink or move or anything.

The cops want to do an autopsy but Roman won't let them as Victor wrote it in his will that he didn't want to be cut up. The cops aren't going to give up as they wonder what killed him. Roman goes to see his drug dealer pal who tells him that maybe the drug didn't kill Victor. He could still be alive! Roman begins to panic. Meanwhile, Victor's body is in the morgue and three medical students are performing surgery on him while he cannot move. When he does, they realise that he isn't dead and they panic. They decide to bury him so that he won't be able to tell people what they did. He gets out of the body bag and he kills all three. Victor goes on a rampage and he kills the girl who sued him and he kills Roman. He is going to kill Elizabeth but she gets there first. The movie ends with her pregnant and owning everything that Victor had.

It was an okay movie, so I will give it a 4/10. The only redeeming feature about this movie is Kristy Swanson so I have put in a nice picture of her for all you fans...


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