Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Office Is Back!!!

Well, this week we will see the return on The Office. I am really looking forward to it as I missed tuning into it every week. It is always funny and you are guaranteed a laugh. My favourite character would have to be Andy(Ed Helms). He is so funny and so talented. He can also sing which he proves throughout the series. I liked him from the beginning and my favourite scene with Andy was when Jim hid his cell phone in the ceiling and Andy could hear it ringing, but could not find it which resulted in him punching a hole in the wall!! I like Dwight(Rainn Wilson) too because he is so weird and so odd that you have to wonder how he ever got a job anywhere!Of course Michael(Steve Carell) is always hilarious and he plays the part to perfection. Those three characters make the show so funny. I like everyone in it, of course, but they are the best.
So, this new season will see Jim and Pam finally get married and Toby and Dwight have to team up to investigate Darryl's injury claim! We will also see that someone in Dunder Mifflin is having a secret affair and it is not Angela this time! With Jim and Pam starting a family, Jim is going to be trying to get ahead in his career and that is going to threaten Michael. Someone will be questioning their sexual preference in the new season also, but I won't say who it is! I am going to be watching the season premiere and I will be recapping each episode every week so you won't miss out even if you didn't get to see it!!! So, roll on tomorrow night for some good comedy and fun!


Watch TV Show said...

The Office is one of good serial.I am really so much happy to know that it is coming bck.Thank YOu for your information.

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