Thursday, September 3, 2009

Under Still Waters Movie Review

Still Waters a.k.a. Under Still Waters is a movie starring Lake Bell, Jason Clarke (who stars in Brotherhood) and Clifton Collins Jnr. Clifton Collins Jnr. is one of those guys that when you see him you say oh yes, I recognize that guy but I can't think of his name! Still Waters is about a married couple who decide to go away for a while to a remote cabin in the woods in Missouri and try to rebuild their relationship. If there's one thing that I have learned from movies it's don't go away to fix your problems!! Do not go to remote areas where either local hillbillies, serial killers or some haunted house is waiting to ruin your getaway!!

The couple, Andrew(Clarke) and Charlie(Bell) are having the inevitable relationship problems, so naturally, as anyone would do, they pick up some guy(Clifton Collins Jnr.) whose motorbike has broken down on a deserted road and bring him back to their retreat!! There are some beautiful shots of Missouri which is a great advert for the place and makes me want to go there but as a movie, Still Waters is too slow. The three people chat and maybe the stranger is known to the woman before the couple picked him up.Obviously, there is more to the movie than just a random meeting and things develop from there. For the most part it is just the three actors in a house where there is no TV, Internet and no mobile phones. So basically, it is a nutters dream house!!

There are flashbacks in this movie also and the whole story just about kept me watching until the end. It is very slow but mildly interesting and there is a kind of Saw-like twist where we see previously-seen events but from a different angle. I would not recommend this movie as it is too slow and not much to it. It is a movie that you just want to see the end of it after a while and then you will forget it immediately. I found myself debating whether to watch it until the end and just about made it to the end as it is only 85 mins.I have included a nice picture of the lovely Lake Bell below...

Missouri looks like a beautiful place from this movie, but the people dressed like they were from the 1920's. I thought that it was a period film until they mentioned the house did not have Internet access.They must think that people from Missouri are very old-fashioned but I am sure they are not! There is a nice shot of the Gateway Arch at the start of the movie and it looks a great place to visit.I think that you would be better off going to Missouri than going out and renting this movie!

Under Still Waters 3/10.


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