Friday, October 30, 2009

9 Movie Review 65

9 is an animated science fiction movie produced by Tim Burton. It has a good cast with Elijah Wood, John C Reilly, Jennifer Connolly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau and Christopher Plummer. It is CGI animated where 9 rag dolls have been given life by a scientist and now, in a post-apocalyptic world, one of them wakes up to see the world. All the rag dolls have numbers on their back and our hero is called 9 hence the title.

9 is voiced by Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame and he ventures out into the ruins of a city. We soon learn humanity is extinct due to a big World War as machines turned on their owners. The machines now hunt anything with signs of life and after 9 meets 2 voiced by Martin Landau, they are attacked by a cat-looking machine! All the machine technology is very like steam punk and I have seen online that this movie in some places is called stitch punk! 9 meets others like him with numbers on their backs and meets 7, voiced by Jennifer Connolly.

Number 2 is kidnapped by the cat beast and 9 persuades the rest to go on a rescue mission. Little does 9 know that a talisman he picked up when he first woke up might hold the key to defeating the machines. I enjoyed 9 as it has some great CGI animation that is really smooth and had an interesting story. It was hard to get into at first, but I think that that is because it looks and plays differently to other animations I have seen. Once you get into it, 9 is very entertaining and it is based on an animated short film(also called 9) written and directed by Shane Acker who also did this movie.

Apparently, Tim Burton saw this short version and liked it so much that he got this version made by producing it. I have to say that the end sequence is brilliantly done and very touching so watch out for that. If you like CGI animation and like sci-fi then you will love this movie as I did. The short film this is based on was nominated for an Academy Award so that tells you the animation is quality. So check this out as it is only 79 minutes long and hopefully the future of movies will be stitch punk!!!



Emm said...

This actually looks like an amazing film! I've only heard of it in the last week or so but everything I've read and seen so far looks good.

Anonymous said...

yes Emm,this movie was superb.I liked this movie very much..This movie is very interesting ..i downloaded this movie from the can also download 9 movie from the internet....

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