Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Assassination of a High School President Movie Review 56

Assassination of A High School President is a movie starring Reece Thompson, Bruce Willis, Mischa Barton and Michael Rapaport. I knew nothing about this movie only the cast so I thought it may be good. It is written by Tim Calpin who worked on Southpark previously. Assassination of a High School President is like a present day film noir crossed with a comedy set in a fictional school called St. Donovan's High School. Yes, it sounds very weird and it is like a game that I played online called High School Detective.

Reece Thompson plays Bobby Funke who is a bit of a loser and who has no respect! Clara, played by the very nice looking Melonie Diaz, is the editor of the school paper and she asks Bobby to write a story about the high school President Paul Moore, played by Patrick Taylor. Bobby wants to get into the North Western program for Journalism so he needs to submit a good story to the paper. His story about the high school President is fairly mundane until Principal Kirkpatrick, played by Bruce Willis, discovers that the SAT's have been stolen from his office. The president's girlfriend Francesca, played by the lovely Mischa Barton, asks Bobby to find out who stole them and as she is like a femme fatale in noir movies, he can't say no!

Bobby conducts his investigation going around the school and, as all evidence points to the high school president, he prints a story that he stole them. The case seems over and now Bobby has great respect from everyone,even down to the bully who farts on him!Francesca likes him also and invites him to homecoming so life seems great, When Paul reveals that he had already gotten into university, Bobby realises that he had no motive to steal the test and that someone else did it. Bobby proceeds to delve further into the politics and intrigue of high school life very like a gumshoe from Humphrey Bogart films! Everyone has some angle and something to hide as all is not what it seems! There is some great humour in this movie from Bruce Willis who does a great comedy turn as an ex-military man to Paul's young sister who wants a stuffed animal before she gives out information!!

This movie really surprised me as there were quite a few laughs as well as an entertaining whodunit. It was a real throwback to the film noir type of movie and has it's tongue firmly in its cheek. Bobby puts all the pieces together at the end to reveal all of the mystery and what everyone's motives were. I would definitely recommend this movie as it does not seem much but is very good. If you are still not convinced, you also get to see Mischa Barton topless in a bath so if that doesn't make you see this movie, I don't know what will!!!!



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