Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Horror Movie Sequels/Series Part 1

There are so many sequels and follow-ups to horror movies these days. There is rarely a horror movie made these days that will not have a sequel...That is what we love about these movies. The killer seems dead at the end of the movie, but wait, what's that???He has disappeared and he is free to kill again and that leaves the field wide open for a SEQUEL!!!!!

So, there are some really great franchises out there and the most popular and famous one is the Saw series. We at Jigsaws Lair LOVE the Saw movies and as they are at the top of our list, we have the mention them first. The Saw series began in 2004 and we were introduced to the great Jigsaw. He is a fair man- he gives all of his victims a choice. His victims have wronged people in their lives and Jigsaw is there to make sure that they realise how they have sinned. He sets up traps for them and makes them pay...Plenty of blood, gore and twists and turns feature in these movies. The first movie was tame compared to what was to come but the original movie was very good. Saw 2 introduced Amanda(the best apprentice!) as Jigsaws apprentice and she was a willing accomplice. Saw 3 sees Jigsaw at the end of his life and he needs a doctor to help him get better but poor Jigsaw is not so fortunate..

Saw 4 saw someone else take over Jigsaws work. Jigsaw has departed this world, but the killings have not stopped and they wont any time soon. There is a new apprentice in town and his name is Hoffman. Saw 5 has more gore and body parts flying around the place. Hoffman is still carrying on the worthy work of Jigsaw. There are more brilliant traps set for the victims who only have themselves to blame after all!! If they had been better people, then Jigsaw's apprentice would not have had to step in and remind them of their failings as human beings..Hoffman crushes(literally!) the cop who has figured out that he is the culprit and he is free to continue his good work. I am really looking forward to seeing the latest movie soon and we will be posting on it when Jigsaw has watched it and decided if it is up to his high standards!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm ready to see the latest too! I think if done correctly it could be one of the best yet.

I saw a blog post a while back that had headlines from the year 2030.

"President Chelsea Clinton signs new bill into law...."

"Years after Katrina and failing to rebuild New Orleans, the Americans give Louisiana back to the French......"

"Saw 34 opens in theaters this Friday......"

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