Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

Well, I'm a few weeks behind here but I will catch up! At the end of Season 6, Larry had split from his wife, Cheryl and seemed to be enjoying life with Loretta Black!!All seemed well, especially when Loretta stood up against Susie!So, what will Season 7 bring? Let's find out.

We begin by seeing Larry coming up the stairs with a tray with bowls on it and upon entering the bedroom, Loretta is in the bed waiting for him. She gives out that he was too long and tastes the soup that he brought for her. Of course, she is not pleased as he put too much salt into it! So, she gives it back to him to take away. Poor Larry can never do anything right! When Larry says it is too warm in the room, Loretta says that 75 degrees is what black people like, but Larry prefers 68 degrees. They call Leon to see what he thinks. Larry wants a compromise but Leon says that he is an 82 degree man!!!Larry leaves in exasperation!!!

Larry heads downstairs and meets the kids and Auntie Rae. She says the neighbours told her that there are burglars in the area. Larry tells her not to talk to the neighbours!! He would rather have thieves than neighbours as thieves want stuff, but neighbours want time! She asks him about Loretta's biopsy but there is no news yet. She tells him that she knows he will be there for Loretta if it is cancer, but Larry is not so sure! Later, Larry is at Jeff's garage chatting with him and , after an argument about Cinderella, Larry realises that he has to break up with Loretta before she is diagnosed with cancer! Susie comes in and invites Larry to a dinner party that night, but Larry wonders why it is at such short notice! He asks who else is coming but Susie refuses to tell him and an argument ensues!!!Larry has to leave without finding out.

Back at the house, Larry meets Loretta's doctor in the kitchen and Larry tries to get the odds of Loretta having cancer out of him but he refuses to say! As the doctor discusses Loretta's treatment, he gets a can of lemonade out of the fridge without asking! Larry is amazed and another argument begins! What is the fridge etiquette? The doctor leaves angry but Funkhauser says liquids are okay to take without asking! Larry asks Funkhouser about his sister, Bam Bam and says that if there is anything he can do , let him know. Funkhouser tells Larry that he could visit her but Larry tells him that he was just saying it and he didn't mean it! As Funkhouser is leaving, Larry says he will see him at Jeff's assuming he will be there, but uh-oh! Funkhouser was not invited to the dinner party! Larry goofed again!!!!

Later, we see Larry and Jeff sitting with Bam Bam and it's awkward. They think she is crazy so they do not know what to say! She acts weird saying strange things and Larry makes up an excuse of wanting to go to the bathroom to get away! Way to go Larry! Genius! Larry takes his time and while passing the kitchen, he eats stuff from the fridge! He goes back to Jeff and Bam Bam but he overhears them having sex!!! On the drive home, Larry is amazed by Jeff's admission of having sex with her! Later, Larry arrives at the dinner party, but uh oh, Funkhouser called and complained that Suzy hadn't invited him so she does. Even worse, he has bought Bam Bam with him! Loretta's doctor is there and Larry is amazed to find out he is gay as he did not 'look gay'. He takes offence at Larry saying this and walks away from Larry unhappy!
Funkhouser reveals to Larry that Bam Bam is much improved since Larry and Jeff talked to her! Little does he know! Funkhouser demands that they meet with her again!!

As they are all eating at the table later on, Bam Bam makes suggestive gestures at Jeff. She then reveals that Larry ate from the fridge, embarrassing Larry! Larry denies it and Funkhauser says liquids are okay but solids are not!! Then, Bam Bam says that Jeff was in bed with her but Larry and Jeff just say that she is crazy and does not know what she is saying! Bam Bam walks away from the table, but thankfully Susie thinks that even she is not crazy enough to sleep with Jeff!Funkhouser says that he will put Bam Bam back in the institution and then Larry is called away as he has to pick up Loretta's medication. As he is driving home, he calls Auntie Rae to ask what Loretta's favourite restaurant is. Auntie Rae refuses to ask Loretta as she is resting , but not sleeping!

Larry goes to his usual restaurant and he sees Cheryl and Wanda at a table and they used Larry's name to get it. He sits down with them and Cheryl says that she is single again. As it is so dark, they go outside to read their menus. As they are looking at them, they both admit that they miss each other!! Cheryl says that when Larry worked on Seinfeld, she saw the right amount of Larry but when he was finished with Seinfeld, she had an overload of Larry!! Larry says that they can reduce Larry to half if they want! Then, Auntie Rae calls Larry on the phone and says the doctor is on the way with the results. Larry realises he has to break up with Loretta before the doctor gets there!

As he races home, he spots the doctor in traffic and it becomes a race between them! Larry beats him home but waiting outside is Bam Bam! She demands to know why Larry lied and if Jeff enjoyed the sex!In the middle of the argument, they both turn around to see thieves making a getaway but then they scuffle again! Funkhouser and the police arrives and as Bam Bam is crazy she cannot give a description so Larry has to do it! This delays him enough so the doctor enters the house before him. Later on, the doctor reveals Loretta has cancer and Larry almost collapses!! The doctor tells him that the hard work is just beginning and Larry will have a lot of years to care for her! As he lists off all the symptoms of the disease, Larry looks on in horror! He does not want any of that and then the familiar music plays and we fade to black!!! Great episode, really setting things up well for the season!!!


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