Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dark Lurking Movie Review 52

The Dark Lurking is an Australian movie written and directed by Greg Connors. It is a science fiction horror and starts off with a woman wandering through a spaceship. The next thing you know, she meets a group of mercenaries and they are all fighting off really bloody aliens. It's one of those movies where you never hear a characters name and it just went from one tunnel to another with lots of shooting as the group gets picked off one by one. We don't care about the characters as we don't know them and the formula is: tunnel, alien, shoot, run away and repeat!

The whole movie is a complete rip-off of Aliens and it is a shame as the fight sequences are well put together but there is no story and no surprises. Just straight into shooting and screaming with a woman in the middle who is a Ripley clone!! Only if you like mindless action, see this movie. I would avoid this movie at all costs and with the Dark Lurking, it is a pity that there was not a story lurking too!!

1/10(for action)


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