Friday, October 2, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 6, Episode 12 Recap

Last week on Hell's Kitchen, Van was kicked off after having a terrible service. I liked Van,but he really let himself slip and there was no excuse for it so he had to go. Suzanne had a lucky escape and nobody would miss her if she was gone..

So, this week, Dave is annoyed at Tenille because she changed her mind last week and let Ariel off the hook. So , those two are not going to be buddies any time soon. The chefs come down into the kitchen and Chef Ramsay is there waiting for them with a challenge. They have to cook a meal for the editorial staff of the Bon Appetit magazine. The editor in chief comes in and Chef Ramsay tells them that she will have a vote in who wins. So, they get to cooking and their food is tasted. Kevin wins the challenge followed by Ariel and Dave. Suzanne and Tenille were at the bottom. Kevin was delighted, but I have to say that he is emerging as a cocky a**hole. He thinks that he is the best and maybe he is, but you have to have humility too. He and Ariel go for a meal with Chef Ramsay while the others have to clean Hell's Kitchen.

Dave hurts his wrist again while he is sweeping up outside and he wonders if he can go on. He is in pain and he tries to push himself. Kevin sees this and he tries to persuade him to quit, which is very sneaky. Dave is not stupid, though and he can see what Kevin is trying to do and he will not quit. I hope that he is not forced to quit because I really think that he has a chance of winning it and I do not like any of the others. In service that evening, Dave tries to do the easier tasks to save his wrist getting any worse. Kevin is not impressed, but Dave is a fighter and he seems to want to push ahead. Tenille ruins her risotto and she has to start again. She cooks another one and that is wrong too. She gets an earful from Chef Ramsay.

It turns out that Kevin cooked the rice earlier and he overcooked it and that is why the risotto was terrible. He disappointed Chef Ramsay and he gets yelled at many times in the service. I think that Chef Ramsay tests people to see how much pressure they can withstand and I think that he has high hopes for Kevin and that is why he was so upset when he messed it up. Ariel cooks the chicken, but it is pink in the middle and Chef Ramsay screams at her not to make such a simple mistake. Suzanne sends up raw fish and Chef Ramsay goes berserk. Kevin is pleased that they are messing up because he thinks that he is number one.Ariel serves up below par lamb and Chef Ramsay shouts at her in front of the whole restaurant. It is a disappointing night for the chefs and the service was terrible. They have to choose two people to go home so they choose Suzanne and Ariel. I don't think that either of them are very good, so I was glad to see them chosen. Suzanne got her backside kicked out of Hell's Kitchen and you could hear the cheers from everybody!!!!She is gone and she was crap anyway. How she stayed as long as she did is a mystery!!

So, that's all for now. Four chefs are left now so it is really getting serious. I will be back with another episode of Hells Kitchen soon.


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