Friday, October 9, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 6, Episode 13 Recap

So, last week, Suzanne was sent packing and everyone was delighted, including me. There are only four chefs left now- Tenille, Dave, Kevin and Ariel. Who are the final two going to be? For me, I would like Kevin and Dave as they have been the most consistently good chefs throughout the competition. But, anything can happen in Hell's Kitchen, so who knows?

This week, the final four are happy that they have made it this far. Dave is still suffering with his wrist and I am really hoping that he can stay in the competition. Their challenge this week is to make a vegetarian dish for some 80 customers that will be coming into Hell's Kitchen(Watch the clip above). What Chef Ramsay doesn't mention is that they are kids and that they do NOT like veggies!!!So, each chef works on their own to get their meals out. Dave has a hard time with his because of his wrist, but he gets through it. They are judged by the little brats and Tenille wins the challenge! The other three have to tidy up after the kids and Tenille gets to go and get her hair done etc and then meet Chef Ramsay for sushi at some Japanese place.

So, when she gets back, Tenille has to get ready for service. This night is probably her worst service ever as she serves up crappy fish to Chef Ramsay time after time and he is going mad.
Dave suffers with his wrist again and he is not looking too good to Chef Ramsay who has a medic to look him over. All seems okay, but after service, Chef Ramsay wonders if Dave can stay in the competition and Dave pleads with him to stay. Chef Ramsay tells him okay, but he will be keeping an eye on him. Tenillie is the one who ends up going home as she had a dreadful night.
Chef Ramsay is sad to see her go, but she messed it up one too many times. The other three are sitting upstairs, relaxing, when the phone rings and they are told to come back down again.
Chef Ramsay speaks to them and he says to Dave about his wrist again. Dave thinks that he is going to be kicked off, but instead, Chef Ramsay congratulates him and the others on reaching the final three! Their loved ones are brought in and there are tears etc... So, roll on next week when we will find out who will make it to the final!!!!


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