Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Legend of the Bog A.K.A. Assault of Darkness Movie Review 59

Legend of the Bog or Assault of Darkness as it is also known as is an Irish horror movie, so I had to see it as I am Irish and there hasn't been many Irish horror movies released ever! It stars one person I recognised- Vinnie Jones which intrigued me. It is directed by Brendan Foley.

The film begins with Vinnie Jones setting a trap for some beast. He has a bucket of water and he puts a hole in the bucket. For some reason, the creature calls 'uisce' which is the Irish word for water. The creature reaches for the water and is then caught by Jones who sets him on fire. He is attacked by another creature from the bog, which he destroys too. We cut to a professor, David Wallace(Jason Barry) who is an lecturing on archaeology and fossils found in the bogs. He shows his class the remains of people who have been found in the bogs and their bodies are mummified. One student has a problem with this or something and she walks out of the class.

The student is Saoirse Reilly(Nora-Jane Noone) and she is going to be David's assistant on a journey to the bogs. Meanwhile, different people are around the bogs too- two girls get lost and an American woman and a taxi driver also get lost out on the bogs. The two girls, Hannah(Amy Huberman) and her pal Mallory(Olga Wehrly) find an old cottage and they enter it. The American woman, Val(Shelly Goldstein) and the taxi driver, Deano(Gavin Kelty) also find the shack and they look for a phone,but of course, there is no phone. Next to find the shack are David and Saoirse. They all swap stories and wonder how they can get out of the bogs. They decide to make the most of it and wait until the morning to get out. They tidy up the place and they get a fright when the owner of the place arrives back. It's Vinnie Jones!!!

It turns out that his name is Hunter and he is after the beast of the bog!Val and Deano head off to find the road against the other's advice. Hunter goes out hunting at night. Meanwhile, the bog monster has crawled out of the bog and is going around killing everything in sight. He wants his uisce!!! The morning comes and the others find Val's body. Mallory falls into a bog pool and she almost dies. They have to take her back to the shack. Deano and Hunter go towards the road. Deano finds his taxi and he tries to start it, but he ends up getting dragged along the road and dies. Hannah tries to escape but the bog monster catches her and calls Hunter out. He shoots the bog monster and that causes the creature to decapitate Hannah. Everyone hides in the shack and the remaining people admit that each other had done something bad and buried bodies in the bog for one reason or another.

Mallory dies. That leaves Hunter, Saoirse and David. Hunter confronts the beast again, but this time, he is impaled and he dies. David and Saoirse have to get rid of the creature. The only way is by fire so they turn on the shower and the monster is drawn to the water which is laced with gasoline. David sets him alight and the creature runs back to the bog where he disappears. This movie was okay. It wasn't brilliant by any means, but for an Irish horror movie, it was okay. I thought that the film maker tried his best with what must have been a small budget. The actors weren't too bad. I mean, it's not an Oscar contender, but it's not the worst movie I have ever seen either. I am going to give it a 4/10.


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