Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Perfect Getaway Movie Review 64

A Perfect Getaway is a movie starring Timothy Olyphant(Live Free and Die Hard) and Milla Jovovich(The 5th Element) and Steve Zahn (Roadkill/Joyride). Zahn and Jovovich play the honeymooning couple in Hawaii looking for the perfect getaway as they drive along the road and look for places to go exploring. They meet two other couples along the way and get bad vibes from both of them.

When they hear of murders in Hawaii and a pair of killers on the run, they wonder if it is one of the other couples. Olyphant plays a guy in one of the other couples and he has bizarre stories of fighting in Iraq and seems strange. Zahn and Jovovich gradually begin to fear both of the couples but out in the jungle, there is no one else to help them. A Perfect Getaway does not have much happening for the first 30 minutes but then things pick up and it gets quite entertaining. There is a twist involved but we saw it coming a mile away so its effect was diminished. The movie is still good as it turns into a thriller near the end with a gun, knife and fights all making an appearance!

If you do not see the twist coming then you will think that this movie is better than it really is but it is still worth a watch. It won't be the worst movie you see, but it won't be the best either. I liked it as it does have you guessing from the start. I thought of the twist but even after that, it was still good. Olyphant's character mentions a potential movie called American Jedi and I would love to see that!!! If you have an hour and 40 minutes to spare, then you should check it out but just keep your expectations low. It has six characters basically and just about holds your interest.So, all in all it is not too bad. It's always good when there is a twist in a movie even if people can see it coming!!

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