Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pig Hunt Movie Review 50

Well, what can I say about this movie? I did not like it and I don't even like doing a review of it, but I want to be fair and let you make up your own mind about it. It is directed by James Isaac.

The movie begins with some guy running through the woods. He has a gun with him and he looks scared. He is running away from something. It sounds like a pig. Something attacks him and kills him. We cut to some young people who are going to the country for the weekend to a ranch and they are going hunting boar. They are the usual airheads with zero personality. They are all city slickers and they are slumming it for a few days...One of them, John(Travis Aaron Wade) comes from these parts and he knows the secrets of the Hillbillies.

So, they drive along and they get deep into the countryside. They stop at a local yokel store and ask for directions from some guy who is spouting on about the war. They the group voice their anti-war sentiments etc and it gets a bit preachy. I am not interested in watching a movie with someones political views thrown in. So, they get their directions and they head to the ranch. On the way, they pass the cast of Deliverance with their guns and their bad teeth and their baseball caps. What a cliche! They are looking suitably menacing and in-bred. They bumped into some weird Eco-warrior at the store and they killed his rattlesnake so he isn't happy. They finally reach the ranch.

The next morning,two hillbilly pals of John's show up and they chat about old times. They are going hunting a pig called The Ripper and the others decide to join them on their quest. The Hillbillies and the city slickers are different and they don't really get on. The hillbillies hang onto their guns for dear life while the city slickers look around in wonder at nature. They come upon dead animals and they wonder what is killing them in the woods. John doesn't believe that this huge pig exists but the others do. The hillbillies bring out some pig whistle and call the pigs in the wild and they come running and bit one of them on the leg. After that, everything gets messy and one of the hillbillies is shot. This brings the rest of the Hillbilly clan running into the woods looking for vengeance.

The city slickers are on the run from the Deliverance gang and the piggy. It descends into pure rubbish and I was tempted to turn it off at this point. Then, they find the Eco warrior guy roaming in the woods and he shows them to his hippy commune where there are lots of naked women and a killer pig. John ends up killing the pig when it tries to kill his woman and that is the end of that. I was disappointed with the ending because I was hoping that the pig would let loose and just eat all of the cast and end my misery! The pig was the best thing about the movie... This stinker gets a 1/10.(Have a strange craving for a ham sandwich!!)


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