Monday, October 26, 2009

Trick R Treat Movie Review 61

With my favourite holiday coming up, I had to review this Halloween offering.
This movie is not the old one released in the '80's, but it is a new offering in the same vein as Creepshow or The Twilight Zone. There are many stories intertwined and they all meet up at the end. It is directed by Michael Dougherty. It stars Anna Paquin and Brian Cox.

This movie can be quite confusing if you don't pay attention. There is so much happening at the same time. There is one thing that is common to all stories- what looks like a little kid with a bag over his head. He appears throughout the movie so he is important. The first story revolves around a man and a woman setting up decorations etc for Halloween Night. The girl tells the guy to go inside the house to wait for her. The little kid in the bag is looking at them and when she is alone, she is attacked and killed. The guy comes out of the house and he looks for her. He finds her under a blood-stained sheet, dead.

So, we cut to four girls getting ready for Halloween Night. They are looking for something to wear to some party. Then, we cut to a fat kid going from house to house stealing candy. He is stopped by a man(Dylan Baker) who gives him some candy which makes the kid vomit blood.
The guy turns out to be the school principal and he takes the kid out to the back yard. He is digging a grave and he dumps him into it. His son calls him and his dad tells him to go back into the house. His neighbour who is an old man comes over to see what he is doing, but he gets rid of him. He continues to bury the kid and after a while, he hears his neighbour calling for help, but he ignores that. We see at the end of this story that the son is helping his father carve up a decoration for Halloween, but it isn't a pumpkin, it's the kids head!!!

The next tale concerns a young woman who is bitten by a vampire while there is a crowd around. They think that she is just putting it on for show and nobody takes any notice. The vampire fades into the crowd. We cut to a group of kids who are collecting jack o lanterns to take to a place where there was an accident years ago. One of the kids tells a story about a group of special kids who were on a bus when they went into the river and drowned. The driver got away. The kids go to the place where it happened and they bring their jack o lanterns with them. There is some sort of elevator to carry them down and a few go first leaving another kid, Wanda, alone. She gets worried when the elevator comes back up without them so she goes down to see what is going on. They frighten her by pretending that they are ghosts and she is not happy. Suddenly, they see the real ghosts of the kids and they are looking for blood. Wanda gets into the elevator and no matter how much they plead with her to let them in, she goes off and leaves them to their fate...

The vampire is watching the girls from earlier on. One of them, Laurie(Anna Paquin) is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. She is making her way to a party to meet her friends when she comes upon him. The strangest thing happens when we find out that he is not really a vampire and that he was just role playing. He is at the party when the girls start to change. They are not what they seem as he finds out when they begin to turn into werewolves and he realises that he is dinner!!! We see the little kid with the bag on his head again.

We cut back to earlier on when three kids call to a house of an old man (Brian Cox) and he sends his dog out to scare them away and he takes their candy. He goes back inside, but he hears noises. An egg hits his window and he grabs a baseball bat and goes outside. He sees his neighbour who just happens to be the principal who is burying the kid! He suddenly sees the little weirdo with the sack on his head running around the house and he tries to find him. They eventually meet and he tries to kill the old man. The old man pulls off the sack and he finds out the it isn't a kid, it is a monster thing with a pumpkin for a head!!!They fight and we find out that the old man was the driver of the bus which killed those kids.The pumpkin head seems to leave when the old man gives him the candy he stole, but the old man gets a fright when he opens the front door to find all of the ghosts of the kids that died on the bus!!!!!

This was a fun movie with some great scenes. It is perfect for Halloween so watch it that night if you can!!!I am giving it a 6/10.


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