Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Ugly Truth Movie Review 53

The Ugly Truth is a romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler of 300 and P.S. I Love You fame and Katherine Heigl who was in Knocked Up and Grey's Anatomy. Romantic comedies are not usually what I would watch, but I thought that I would see this as I like Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl is nice to look at!!!

Butler stars as Mike Chadway who has his own small TV show called The Ugly Truth in which he basically gives blunt advice to anyone who calls in. He views everything from a male point of view and is cynical about love. Hmmm- I wonder will he be the same at the end of the movie???Katherine Heigl is an executive producer in this movie and she produces a morning TV show. She may be a producer in real life also, but she seemed too young for this part. She accidentally views Mike's show and she is so outraged that she calls him and talks about her ideal man. He views her as naive as no such man exists and she has a checklist of requirements when she meets someone!!
Of course, her TV show gets hold of Mike and they want him to do a running feature on the morning show. His blunt way of giving advice proves to be a big hit. On the show are two anchors played by Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins. Mike gets their relationship back on track much to the dismay of Heigl's character. As she meets a young doctor with muscles, he vows to advise her on how to get her man or else he will quit the show. His advice proves to be great as she begins a relationship with this doctor but of course, Mike now has feelings for her too... Well, it goes the way you might predict but holding this movie together is Butler's charm and some funny sequences. They are not hilariously funny but they do make you smile and chuckle a bit.

Heigl seemed too young to be a producer of a TV show and her character is hard to like but Butler's character has all the charisma and keeps things going. This movie is good as a date movie or for a couples night together as you will end up in a good mood at least and it does what a rom com should. It entertains and has a happy ending so I think you know already if this movie is your kind of thing. I thought that it would be worse than it was so I was pleasantly surprised but I had low expectations!!!



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