Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The First Power Movie Review 67

This is an old movie from 1990 and it stars Lou Diamond Phillips(pictured below) and Tracy Griffith. It is directed by Robert Resnikoff who hasn't done much since.

The movie begins with a nun telling some priests that evil is coming and that there are Satanic murders happening because His power is growing. Bodies are begin found with pentagrams on them. The priests think that she is just getting carried away and they tell her to go back to her convent and go into seclusion. Meanwhile, cop Logan(Lou Diamond Phillips) receives a call while he is trying to work out where the pentagram killer will strike next. A woman tells him where the killer is going to be and they stake it out. The killer doesn't appear at first, but then he takes a female cop down to his hideout and gets ready to kill her. Logan finds his hideaway and they fight. Logan gets shot in the stomach, but he catches the killer who is called Patrick Channing(Jeff Kober-pictured below).

Earlier, Logan had promised the woman on the phone that he would not kill Channing or get the death penalty, but he changes his mind and Channing gets death. Channing seems happy to be getting the death penalty and he tells Logan that he will see him around. Logan is unsettled by this. The woman calls him and tells him that he has made the wrong choice and that he was warned. Logan witnesses Channing's death and he has nightmares about it later. He begins to see things. The lady cop he rescued from Channing turns up dead. It looks as if the pentagram killer is back, but he is dead! He meets the woman who called him,psychic Tess Seaton(Tracy Griffith-pictured below) and she tells him that the lady cop was killed by Channing. She tells him that Channing knows about her and he is coming for her.

The cops bring in some junkie who they say killed the cop, but Logan wonders. Logan and his partner, Franklin(Mykelti Williamson) go to Tess' house and look around. They find a file on Logan. She is furious when she sees them snooping. She looks at Franklin and she tells him that he is is danger and he is worried. She has an idea where Channing is and they all go. They are waiting for him when Franklin is killed by a runaway horse. Tess knows that it was Channing. They try to get Channing but he is gone.Logan is taken off the case and Grimes is put on it instead. Logan goes to a church and he goes into the confessional. He thinks that he is talking to a priest but Channing turns up like a bad penny. They fight again. Logan asks Tess what is happening and she tells him that Channing can possess bodies and get others to do his dirty work for him. They decide to go and see the nun who knew about it.There was a nice ginger cat in this movie, so I have included a picture of it having it's dinner!!

She won't help them so they go to Channing's house where his grandmother is and they pretend that they are reporters. They find out that Patrick's mother was molested by her dad and that Patrick was the issue from that incestuous relationship. The grandmother works it out and she throws them out. They find Channing's hideout. The nun decides to help them and she takes something from the church which will destroy Channing. Tess has a vision of Channing and they go to find him. He appears at a warehouse and tries to kill Tess. They escape and go back to Tess' place where Channing bursts in and takes Tess with him. Logan has to find her and he gets the nun to help him. She gives his a crucifix with a dagger on the end on it. It will destroy Channing. Logan finds Tess and he fights with Channing . Channing goes into the nun and everything gets confusing. Logan tries to fight back by revealing what he knows about Patrick's childhood. He kills Channing or at least he thinks that he has. He has to kill the nun to get Channing which he does. The cops come and shoot him, but he survives and he is in hospital. Tess is with him when she has a vision of him trying to kill her. She realises that Channing is still here and this time, he is in Logan!!!

This movie was good. It was entertaining and Lou Diamond Phillips was good in it. I am going to give this one a 7/10.


Tower Farm said...

I actually started to write a review for this one this week! Oh, well, I will wait for awhile before finishing it up and posting it.

I have seen this movie about 100 times. It is ridiculous, but I really love it.


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