Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!

Hello from Jigsaw's Lair and a Happy Friday the 13th !!It is a lucky day for some and a very unlucky day for some teens who will be chased by a mask- wearing lunatic!!! This is a day for watching some great horror movies such as.. let me see...Friday the 13th(1980)! There are many sequels to watch too so you can enjoy a full night of fun!Enjoy your Friday the 13th and remember to watch out for that guy with the mask carrying a large weapon who is coming your way..I have one word for you- RUN!!!


nit said...

I availed the facility to download Friday The 13th movie from this zone and after watching it, I can only say that this movie provides heart stopping dosage of action. The acting of all stars in this flick is just phenomenal and the adventurous actions are enough lively to take one’s breath away.

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