Friday, November 27, 2009

New Horror Movie Remakes!

Here is a list of more horror movies that are going to be sorry, remade next year or in the distant future. Now, I am getting really sick and tired of watching sub-standard crap that has been made by someone with no imagination or originality. Some of the lower budget horror movies might not have all the money put into them, but at least they are original and not more re-imaginings of movies that we love. I know that I have made this argument before, but after reading about some of the films that are going to be massacred, I thought it only fair to let you know what horror is going to come...Some, we already know about and some, I hadn't realised they were being crucified...So read 'em and weep!!!



The Birds(Oh my God NO!!)

The Blob

Child's Play
The Crazies
Nightmare on Elm Street


Fright Night(rumoured)

The Fury

The Gate

Hellraiser(What a mistake.....)

Little Shop of Horrors
Motel Hell(This does NOT need to be remade. It is perfect as it is.)

Poltergeist(Okay this is getting really ridiculous!)

They Live


If this isn't enough to make you mad, I will have a look around and try and find more of our classic movies which will be dumbed down and spoonfed to teens.....


genobambino69 said...

Could not agree more! They dumb every movie down and ALL of the remakes have been trash. I can't believe they're remaking THEY LIVE. Amazing.

Amanda said...

Oh yeah and that won't be the end of it either. I can bet that more classics will be remade next year....

genobambino69 said...

Hollywood has run out of ideas. THat is why a new idea like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY took off. People want new stuff, not remakes. It would be different if they remade them well...they have ruined many films, including one of my faves, TCM.

Anonymous said...

remake: a definition of ruin or vise versa. unfortunitly i'm hearin about a remake of Madman. but its gonna be called Madman Marz. the original was really scary, the remake will be something worth throwin up over

Generic Viagraww said...

Movies like hell raiser sort of captured my entire attention, is the kind of classic horror movie that you always remember.

Viagra said...

Why do they have to remake these horror films instead of creating new ones?

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