Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Trailer!

This is the trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie which will be released next year. I have serious reservations about this remake. The original movie is a classic and Robert Englund will always be Freddy. I know that people think that it is good to remake old movies but this is one that should have been left alone and from the trailer, Freddy seems as scary as Barney! The usual teen twits are in it and it really seems no match for the original Nightmare on Elm Street which I have reviewed here. I could be wrong, but I really doubt it. Watch the trailer and see what you think of it anyway!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree, such a classic movie is very difficult to remake such as Nightmare on Elm Street. It is very hard to pull it off. For me, it would be like trying to remake the original Alien movie using all new actors, just wouldn't work.
Great post!

Jigsaw said...

Thanks for your comments. I hate the way that every classic movie there is is going to be remade. It is so annoying when you see a great movie dumbed down and ruined just to make some money for the film studios. They should stop it now!!!!

Dean said...

I have to agree and disagree. I think Jackie Earle Haley is going to bring some needed life into this role.

The 'Freddy' character was dead and ridiculed, this could be the lift it needs.

Great blog BTW.

Anonymous said...

TV ran out of plots years ago, which has bred the current lineup of reality shows.

Unfortunately, Hollywood is running into the same issue, and the only thing they can do it remake movies they think will bring in a few visitors.

Sadly they usually fail miserably. Hopefully this one will prove me wrong. NOES is a classic.

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