Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paranormal Activity Movie Review 70

Well, this movie was a total surprise. I hadn't heard much about it only that it was doing well at the box office. Usually, that means nothing to me anyway. It is kind of like The Blair Witch Project in a lot of ways. The movie is filmed with a hand held camera and a lot is left up to the imagination which is a good thing, in my opinion. The movie stars total unknowns and that benefits it as we really believe that the characters are real people and not actors.It is directed by Oren Peli who hasn't done much.

It is September 2006 in San Diego, California. A couple, Katie(Katie Featherston) and Micah(Micah Sloat) are living in a nice house but there is one big problem. They keep hearing noises etc and Katie is sure that she is being haunted by an entity. Micah decides to film everything that happens in the house to have a record of what is going on as he doesn't believe in ghosts etc. At night, they hear footsteps outside their bedroom and the next day, they have arranged for a psychic to come and help them. The psychic arrives and he talks to them about what is happening. He asks Katie if something like this has happened before and she tells him that when she was a child, something happened to her and she saw a ghost or something. Her house burned down and there was never an explanation for it.

She tells the psychic that there are noises etc every night and that the thing knows her name.
The psychic thinks that there is a demon in the house and he tells her that he can't help her but he gives her the number of a demonologist who might be able to come and help them. That night, the door to their bedroom opens by itself while they are asleep. Micah looks up demons on the Internet. The next few nights, the noises get worse and louder and they hear whispering. Katie gets up one night and she sleepwalks downstairs and sits in a chair outside. She can't remember anything the next day. They are both scared now.

Micah foolishly buys a Ouija board and Katie freaks out. She tells him to get it out of the house.
While they are out, it goes on fire and when they come back, there are strange markings on it.
Micah tries to figure out what they are. Katie wants him to get rid of it and she wants to call the demonologist but he won't let her(why not? I would be out of that house so fast you wouldn't see me for dust!). Micah uses the old trick of putting powder on the floors outside their door and seeing if it is disturbed during the night. The next morning,there is footprints in their bedroom.
The attic door is open. Micah goes up into the attic and comes down with a picture of Katie when she was a child. Katie is very upset about this.

They finally call the demonologist but he is out on a case so they call the psychic again. That night, there are more strange happenings. Micah shows her some footage from the Internet of a woman who was possessed by a demon and she died. Katie is even more freaked out. That night, she is dragged out of bed and down the stairs. Micah runs after her and gets her back. She has bite marks on her. They decide to leave. They are all ready to go when she changes her mind.
She wants to stay now. I won't ruin the ending for you. There are two endings as far as I know and I saw one which I liked, but I guess everyone has a different idea on how it should have ended.

I liked this movie a lot as it is not the usual monster- chasing- teens movie and it lets us make up our mind what is going on and why. That makes the movie even scarier in my opinion. I love these types of movies and I would recommend this to any horror fan. I can guarantee that this movie will stay with you for a while after you have watched it, which is a good thing...It gets a healthy 9/10 from me.


Anonymous said...

Nice Amanda, I've been hearing good things about this one, so I'll give it a try soon.

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