Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prince Of Darkness Movie Review 71

This 1987 movie was directed by John Carpenter and it is part of a trilogy which began with The Thing and ended with In The Mouth Of Madness. It stars Donald Pleasence, Victor Wong, Dennis Dun and Jameson Parker.

The movie begins with the death of an old priest. Another priest(Donald Pleasence) knows that there is something happening after he finds a key to a secret room which holds a huge cylinder of green liquid. He asks Professor Birack(Victor Wong) to help him to find out what the mysterious cylinder of green swirling stuff is. It is something evil. The professor brings along a group of his students and others to investigate. They are all baffled by it. There is an old book near it and it is written in other languages. They get Lisa(Ann Yen) to decipher it. The liquid itself is giving out numbers and Catherine(Lisa Blount) is trying to find out what they mean.

We find out that the liquid stuff is actually the Anti-Christ and that its father is an Anti-God and that its son will try and release it from another dimension. The students notice that there are a group of homeless people standing outside the church where they are investigating and they are watching them. They don't seem to be acting normally, though. They are lead by one man in particular who just happens to be Alice Cooper!!! They are looking very sinister and strange things begin to happen in the church as the evil is being released. People begin to die and they in turn kill others and make them into disciples of the evil being. The remaining living people have to try and get out of the church, but the homeless gang are waiting out there to kill them.All of them have a dream from the future where some dark figure is coming.... As the students begin to turn into evil killers, the survivors are trying to get away from them.

One of the students, Kelly(Susan Blanchard) is possessed by the liquid and she turns into the Anti-Christ itself and she begins to try and destroy them all. She goes over to a mirror and she tries to get in contact with the father who she is trying to bring back to Earth. As most of them have been possessed, there is nobody around to save them. Catherine sees the thing putting its hand through the mirror into another dimension and pulling the father out. She runs over and she pushes it through the mirror and she falls through herself. The priest shatters the mirror, sealing her fate. She dies trying to save them all. Her boyfriend, Brian(Jameson Parker) is devastated and he can't believe that she has gone. He has nightmares about her and in his dreams, the dark figure has become Catherine now! He wakes up and he walks over to his mirror. He reaches out to touch it and then it goes black.... I liked this movie, it was entertaining with a good cast. I would recommend it to anyone. It gets a 7/10.


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