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Rise of the Scarecrows Movie Review 73

Okay, there is a warning about this movie- it is hilarious!!!! I am not sure whether the filmmakers made it this way intentionally or if it just one of the worst movies ever made-but I enjoyed it all the same! It is shockingly bad but it turns out to be sort of entertaining. The acting is awful, there are no special effects, unless you call a guy with a sack on his head FX. You have been warned... This film is directed by Geno McGahee and Jeremy Weiskotten.

So, let's start off at the beginning. Three guys,Bill(Jeremy Weiskotten), Carlos(Steven Joseph Adams) and Scott(Matthew Walker Wallace) are going on a road trip to cheer up Bill who split with his wife. They head off on their journey but their car begins to overheat and they have to make stops along the way. Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Adams, Sheriff Howard(Cedric Howard) takes on a new employee, big city cop Officer Brown(Anthony Brown). He tells him that the town of Adams is not like other towns. Cut to three guys on the road. Carlos sees a roadside stall and he stops the car and goes over to the guy, Rufus(Pawel Watracz) who is selling vegetables. Carlos makes fun of him and knocks over his stall(WHY?) and walks away. Then, he hits him in the face with a tomato!Yes, a tomato!!!! This movie makes you want to laugh so much that you begin to feel that it is some kind of joke.

Anyway, the guys have to stop again later because the car is crap and they meet the Sheriff and Officer Brown. He tells them that they will have to stay in Adams as their car isn't going to be fixed until the next day. They decide, in their infinite wisdom, to camp in the woods, even though they have no camping gear or a tent. Scott thinks that he sees a scarecrow walking around,but they think that it is some local messing with them and they laugh it off. They are walking through the woods when some guy called Michael pops up and gives them a warning about the woods. He tells them to get out of them because there is evil in them. He tells them that his brother went missing and he is trying to find him. He gives them a history lesson about construction workers who went missing years ago and we supposed to have been killed in these woods by the Sheriff. They came back as evil scarecrows!! The story begins to get sillier when the three guys ignore what they have heard and decide to stay in the woods for the night anyway.

We cut to an old guy called Carmichael who is complaining to the cops about kids annoying him in his house.The Sheriff and Officer Brown come to his house to talk to him. When the Sheriff is in the bathroom, Carmichael tells Officer Brown to get out of the town as there is something rotten happening.He tells Officer Brown that people are murdered and the Sheriff does nothing about it. That night, Carmichael is killed by the scarecrows!!!You have to see how they kill him, they just make chopping gestures with their weapons and they don't seem to touch him at all, but he is dead all the same!!! The next morning, Bill and Carlos get up and head into town , leaving Scott asleep in the woods. Needless to say, the scarecrows make a meal out of Scott. The two guys walk towards town. On the way, they meet Rufus who is with his pals. He isn't too happy about Carlos knocking his stall over so they beat him up. The guys go to the local mechanic, Dicky(Geno McGahee) and ask him to fix their car, but he will not do it. They go to the Sheriff for help, but he can't offer any assistance and tells them that they will have to wait until next week to get their car fixed. They are really annoyed. They go back to their camp and Scott is gone!! They find him dead.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff and Brown are at Carmichael's and they find him dead. The Sheriff decides that it was an accident, despite Brown seeing that he was stabbed. Brown gets suspicious of the Sheriff. He talks to Bill and Carlos and they tell him what happened with Scott etc and they all decide to check it out. Brown tells them that he will get files from the Sheriff's office and see what is happening. He goes over to Dicky and tries to get information out of him by beating him up, but he gets nothing. Dicky calls the Sheriff and tells him. The Sheriff admits that he feeds people to the scarecrows so that they will not kill the townspeople or something to that effect. Brown hands in his badge and walks away. The Sheriff blackmails him into meeting him in the woods that night and Carlos and Bill come too. The Sheriff is meeting with the scarecrows and he tells them that they are slipping. Brown, Carlos and Bill arrive in the woods. They split up to find the Sheriff. Carlos has the misfortune to meet the scarecrows and you guessed it- they kill him!

Bill and Dicky fight and Bill kills him. Brown meets the Sheriff and he sets the scarecrows on him and he gets injured. They turn on the Sheriff and kill him!Bill runs off to try and get help. He meets Rufus and asks him to help. Rufus smiles and he leads him back into the woods where the scarecrows are waiting!!!!! A really bad movie with some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Some of the subplots in this movie were so bad, they weren't even worth mentioning. See it at your own risk..If you want to see a comedy, then you will be guaranteed a laugh with this. It is a silly movie.I give it 3/10 and that is just because it made me laugh...


genobambino69 said...

Thanks for the Review!

Geno McGahee

Amanda said...

You're welcome. Even if I don't particulary love a movie, I will put it up anyway. Rise of the Scarecrows wasnt my cup of tea, but I like to leave it up to people themselves to make their own decisions...

genobambino69 said...

I filmed it in 2002 when I was still learning... Here's the trailer to my new film FAMILY SECRET:

I really like your site. I especially like your thorough review. Keep up the GREAT work.


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