Monday, November 2, 2009

Seventh Moon Movie Review 66

This movie is directed by Eduardo Sanchez who also wrote and directed The Blair Witch Project which I have reviewed. It is hard to believe that the same guy who directed that classic movie also directed this inferior movie..

It stars Amy Smart and Dennis Chan from Kickboxer. The movie begins with a couple on honeymoon in China. Ping(Chan) is driving them to somewhere.The couple are drinking and they get drunk and fall asleep. Ping gets lost and he has to go and get help. They are in the middle of nowhere in some remote village.He leaved the couple in the car.The woman,Melissa(Amy Smart) is awake and she is spooked by the village. There seems to be nobody living in the houses. Yul(Tim Chiou) wakes up and they wonder what to do. They decide to go and find Ping. They look around and the houses are all abandoned.There doesn't seem to be anyone around. They hear voices and get scared so they go back to the car, which is covered in blood. They decide to drive off and get help.

They argue and they want to get to another village or town. They turn on the radio and some guy is talking about blood and sacrifice etc. Someone runs in front of their car and they swerve and the car ends up stuck in the mud. Melissa asks Yul to get out and push. They manage to get the car unstuck but they hear wailing. They begin to blame each other for what has happened and they hit a man. They get out and ask him if he is okay but he seems to be frightened. They put him into the car and some creatures come out of the darkness. They drive off but get stuck in the mud again! They get out of the car and walk around and they see the ghosts/creatures. They find an old house and go inside. There are dead animals everywhere. They find another house and bang on the door to be let in, but the people will not let them in.

They discover a barn and look inside for something to sacrifice for the ghosts who seem to want blood to be satisfied. The man hits Yul on the head and tries to drag him outside for the ghosts to eat, but Melissa stops him. Something bangs on the door and they have to hide. The ghosts enter and they search for fresh meat. They find the man and they chase him while Yul and Melissa escape. They creep around and get back to the car. The man comes to the car and bangs to be let in as the ghosts take him. The monsters jump on the car and start smashing it so Melissa and Yul climb into the trunk and get out. They are chased by the ghosts. They hide in a house which turns out to be a tomb. There is a voice telling them to go to a house which they do. There are people there and they are told that they will be safe. They have some sort of dream where they are kissing etc and then they wake up outside, tied up.

They try to free themselves and the ghosts come up to them. Yul tells them to take him and leave Melissa alone. They do take him and she is left. She goes back into the house. Her clothes are ready for her. She sees Ping in the house and she goes mad and attacks him. He tells her that on the seventh moon, the ghosts come to the village looking for blood and they need people to offer up. They had become sick of offering their own people so they look for outsiders to sacrifice. The ghosts take Yul to a special place to sacrifice him and Melissa follows them. She finds their place and she tries to free him,but she is too late. He can't resist becoming one of them now so he tells her to leave. Ping turns up and tells her how to get out. She escapes as the ghosts chase her. The sun comes up and they vanish. She sees her husband who is now one of them and he says goodbye and disappears. Melissa is left alone. If you like Amy Smart, here is a nice pic that I have put in.....Enjoy..

This movie wasn't good. It was pretty bad really. I thought that it would be better, but I found it quite silly and the camerawork almost drove me insane. It was choppy and the ghosts were the only good part of it and also the fact that it was set in China which was interesting. I would not watch it again. I am giving it a 3/10.


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