Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The I-5 Killer By Ann Rule

This book is based on a true story of the killer called 'The I-5 Killer'. It is written by veteran true-crime novelist Ann Rule. She wrote this book under the pseudonym Andy Stack. It was released in 1988. Ann Rule has also written books about serial killer Ted Bundy and the Green River Killer.

The I-5 Killer was a man called Randy Woodfield(pictured above). He is called The I-5 killer because his crimes were committed along the I-5 Highway running from Washington to California. Randy was a handsome guy and he was pretty popular at school. He was athletic too and he played football in school and college. But, underneath his perfect exterior was a young man with sexual desires which were not normal. He went out and exposed himself in public while he was still in school. He was lucky that he didn't get in trouble because he was such a good athlete. He also committed smaller crimes, but despite his arrests, he still managed to get onto the Green Bay Packers team in 1974. Eventually he got kicked off when his lewd behaviour caught up with him

That was the start of his real criminal life. After he was dropped from the team, he began to rob stores etc at knife point. He sexually assaulted young women and he always wore a band aid across his nose as someone had told him that it made it harder for people to see his face. He murdered women and he sexually assaulted many. He was caught when the police were investigating another shooting and his name came up. They searched his home and they found evidence that he was the man they were looking for in connection with dozens of assaults and murders. Randy Woodfield was sentenced to life in prison and another 165 years were added for other crimes. He is currently 58 years of age and he is serving his sentence in the Oregon State Penitentiary. He was linked to other crimes from years ago and he was suspected in many more.

This book was very interesting and detailed. It chronicles Woodfield's life from his childhood up until he was caught and it shows how he grew from a normal kid into a monster who used women for his own sexual desires and how he thought that he was smarter than the cops. He was a Romeo to many women and they could not believe that he was a killer. That was how he managed to elude the cops for so long. Ann Rule(pictured above) is a very good writer and the book is very well written. It is a must for any true-crime readers like myself and Jigsaw. I really recommend this book and I would say that it was very enjoyable.


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