Monday, December 28, 2009

Ninja Movie Review 82

Ninja is a martial arts movie(if you haven't guessed by the title!) starring Scott Adkins as Casey who has grown up as an orphan inside a Japanese dojo. He's the only Western-looking guy in the dojo and he trains non stop. He catches the eye of Namiko(Mika Hiji) who is the Sensei's daughter, but this makes another student in the dojo jealous. He is Masazuka(Tsuyoshi Ihara) and he clearly has a bad streak as he looks on with anger!! While they are training together, Masazuka goes too far and tries to kill Casey but he gets banished from the dojo. He seems amazed when he is told that he is never to come back and I don't know why!!What did he expect after nearly killing another student??!!!

Masazuka goes on to become a brilliant assassin working for the highest bidder while Casey goes on to be one of the top guys at the dojo.The dojo's pride and joy is the Yoroi Bitsu, which is a legendary sword that the Sensei keeps with him at all times in a box. It is sent over to New York for analysis by a professor and Casey and Namiko are sent with it along with a couple of others. Meanwhile, Masazuka attacks the dojo on his own to steal the Yoroi Bitsu and he kills the Sensei. He finds out that the sword is in New York and with the help of a secret brotherhood called 'The Ring', he begins to track down Casey and Namiko and the sword. Naturally, they try and protect the sword from him.The secret brotherhood provides plenty of baddies for Casey to beat up and kill!

There are some brilliant action scenes of sword fighting and general fighting which are very like the movies of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. If you like their movies, then check this out as Scott Adkins is very good in the fight scenes and he does a lot of jumping kicks and he takes on multiple opponents at once. The story is fairly generic as you know what is going to happen but the fights really make the movie watchable. There is great use of slow-motion as Adkins fights his way through his enemies and jumps up over moving cars. This movie is only 1 hour 20 Min's, but it is a very fun movie, especially if you are into Martial Arts movies as I am. If you don't like Jackie Chan or Jet Li movies, then don't watch this. There are a lot of bloody scenes as swords slice through bodies so be aware of that if you don't like blood!!To me this movie had all that is good in these type of movies. The story moves along quickly as you know what is going to happen anyway and the fight scenes are great which is what it is made for!!!Definitely check this out now!!

Ninja- 8/10


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