Thursday, December 17, 2009

UFC 107 - A review/discussion of the event!!!!

I like watching sports events and recently I watched UFC 107.That is the Ultimate Fighting Championship in case you did not know! Did you see it? Do you watch it too? What did you think of it and the fighters? Let me know what you thought! Here is what I thought of each fight.........


BJ Penn is one of my favourite fighters as he is so skilled in different areas but I like Diego Sanchez also. I like the way Penn always seems so relaxed when he is fighting and he makes it look so easy.I guess that is why he is called 'The Prodigy'. Sanchez looked very hungry for the title, so I knew he was going to be coming for Penn with all guns blazing. This seemed a very even fight just looking at them and I gave a very slight advantage to Penn because of his experience. Penn dominated the fight and as usual, looked very relaxed. He was so good he made Sanchez look ordinary when in fact he is a great fighter.

Sanchez almost got knocked out in round 1 but he showed great heart and spirit to keep the fight going. He kept on trying to take Penn down but Penn's defence is just too good. Then, in round 5, Penn gave a kick to Diego's head and opened up a huge cut on his forehead.It looked awful and blood poured from it and when the doctor had a look at it, the fight was stopped. A very dominant performance from Penn. He is definitely the greatest MMA Heavyweight ever as Joe Rogan said after the fight.


Kongo is a big, strong fighter who looks impressive and you would put him as a bad guy in a movie! Mir is one of my favourite fighters . For such a big guy, he has some brilliant submission skills which is why I like him. I don't think that he has ever been the same since his motorcycle accident though. This was a fight that you could see both fighters winning but, as Mir said in the pre-fight interview, he had more advantage because of his submission skills, so I went for Mir to win.

Mir caught Kongo in the first round with a left punch and jumped on Kongo when he was on the ground. Then he put Kongo to sleep in a choke hold that was very impressive! I hope he goes on to fight Brock Lesnar..


I love Clay Guida's all-action style and he really fought with a lot of heart. Florian is a guy I have seen fight and I know he is a good fighter. In this fight, the commentators said that Florian had a new trainer so he would be much improved. My heart said Guida, but my brain said Florian! Florian caught Guida coming in on the chin and ended up choking Guida out on the ground in round 2. Very impressive from Florian.


Struve is a very big guy and he is only 21 and 6 ft 11! He is very tall and looked impressive in previous fights. Buentello is a guy I like who has real knockout power and I have seen him in many fights. Other than his knockout power, there was not much else here so I was predicting a win for Struve unless he got sloppy and got caught by a knockout punch. Struve won by a judges decision and was clearly better but could not finish Buentello off even when he had him on his back.


I have seen Jon Fitch fight and was impressed with him but I did not know Mike Pierce at all. On that basis I went for Jon Fitch as I liked the way he has fought before. Fitch pushed the pace and was on top throughout except for a few seconds of punches near the end of round 3 from Pierce. Pierce looked fairly limited but showed some good defence on the ground. It was a judges decision for Fitch.


I knew Johnson from The Ultimate Fighter TV show and I liked his style. I did not know Garcia before this so I went for Johnson here. Garcia put on a great show and this was a great fight even though it was over in the first round. They both went at it and Garcia seemed to get on top, landing a right punch. This knocked Johnson down and Garcia jumped on him. Johnson landed an upkick and then caught Garcia in a triangle choke. It was a nice move from Johnson. He is one to watch in the future.

Overall, UFC 107 was a great event and showed Penn and Mir at their best. Kenny Florian looked very good also and all my predictions were right!!! I wrote my predictions before the fights so I did not cheat and write them afterwards!! I wish I had bet on my predictions! I hope that Mir goes on to get his hands on Brock Lesnar again as that will be another great fight. Who will stop BJ Penn? There's nobody in his league at the moment. What did you think of UFC 107? Let me know what you thought!!!


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