Thursday, January 14, 2010

Across The Hall Movie Review 89

Across The Hall is a nice drama/thriller that stars the late Brittany Murphy as June, Mike Vogel as Julian and Danny Pino as Terry. Terry calls his best friend Julian to say he thinks that his girlfriend is having an affair. Terry follows his girlfriend to a hotel and he pays the bellhop to put him in the room across the hall from where she is meeting her lover. He watches her door through the spyhole in his room and he vows to see who is with her. Terry tells Julia that he has taken his gun to exact revenge on his cheating girlfriend and her lover.He wants Julian over to support him but the only problem is that June is waiting for Julian to come in! Yes, Julian is cheating with his best friend's girlfriend. How can Julian get to June and get the both of them out of the hotel without being seen by Terry???

This is a tense drama with only the three main characters and a bellhop in it. There is another friend of Julian's who is in the hotel called Anna and she is played by Natalie Smyka. She knows that Julian is up to something when she sees him. The tale is told in a series of flashbacks jumping from different time periods in the night. Brittany Murphy did not do much as this is more of a story between the two best friends. One is trying desperately to cover up what he has been doing so that the other will not find out.

Across The Hall felt like a play as the main sets are the hotel rooms and the hall in between them. It has a simple story but it is well done as things do get tense as everything gets out of hand. I liked the way it ended especially and while there was not much to the story, it still would be worth checking out if you like a drama/thriller type of movie. This movie is one of those that few will know about but is underrated. I think that this is definitely worth renting out or seeing it on TV. I don't think you will be disappointed as I expected nothing much before seeing it but I was pleasantly surprised!!

Across The Hall- 7/10


Across the Hall (2009) said...

An interesting story, though a little predictable. The suspense was upheld throughout the movie, and there was real tension in many scenes, accomplished through a nerve-wracking score and drawn-out scenes that got my teeth grinding.

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