Thursday, January 28, 2010

All About Steve Movie Review 95

All About Steve stars Sandra Bullock as Mary Horowitz who is a crossword constructor for a small newspaper. She has no man in her life and she stays with her parents as her apartment is being fumigated. As she has no real life outside of her job, her parents set her up on a blind date with Steve played by Bradley Cooper. They are attracted to each other but Steve is put off by her continued chatter and her facts and trivia that are used in her crosswords. He gets a call from work and he tells her he must leave their date as he is a cameraman for a news crew. He makes the mistake of being nice to Mary by saying that he would love to have her come with him but she can't as she has her job. He was just being nice to her but she becomes infatuated with him.

Mary makes her next crossword about Steve hence the movie title but gets fired as no one can complete the crossword. So, as she has no job, she follows Steve around America as he covers news events. The news reporter is played by Thomas Hayden Church who sends up all the pompous news reporters and their producer is played by Ken Jeong from The Hangover which we reviewed here. All About Steve can't decide whether it is a news satire, love story ,drama or comedy and flirts with each genre now and again. Sandra Bullock, who also produces this movie, is very likeable as the strange Mary and does a good job with the limited story.

It just barely held my interest to the end as I wondered what would happen to Bullock's character but if there was anything better to watch, I would have looked elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend this movie as it is a bit scatterbrained but it does have the odd amusing moment. It is a movie that you would only watch once though and, like me, you will want to see what happens at the end. It only lasts for one hour 35 mins and it is just about watchable for the odd laugh. Unless you are a Sandra Bullock fan, give this one a miss. There is a few seconds extra after the credits of the opposition news anchor jumping into a hole. After you see the movie, you will get what it means!

All About Steve-4/10


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