Monday, January 11, 2010

Bitch Slap Movie Review 87

Bitch Slap is a movie starring Julia Voth, Eric Cummings and America Olivo. It's about three women who are in the desert and looking for treasure hidden by a man called Gage. Gage is played by Michael Hurst and he has been kidnapped by the gals and taken to his desert hideout. They want to know where he has hidden his riches. This is the basic setup of Bitch Slap and it is a tongue-in-cheek action movie with beautiful women thrown in!!

There are lesbian scenes and a five minute water fight in slow motion between the three women so Bitch Slap is definitely aimed at guys!!! What little story there is is shown in flashback and we see Kevin Sorbo from Hercules saying a few lines here and there, wearing sunglasses! Lucy Lawless shows up also as a nun as the hilarity continues!!!There are some very funny lines as they fight and another woman has a yo-yo with razor blades in it!! Everything is so over the top that I could not help but like Bitch Slap even when the flashback scenes are blatantly filmed in front of a green screen and the backdrops are put in later!

There is lots of blood as they fight and a really huge gun shoots up the place! This is a real guy movie that is good for a laugh and not to be taken seriously. If you like women and action, then check out Bitch Slap, but if slow-motion camera shots of big chested women doesn't interest you, then avoid this one. Zoe Bell from Deathproof was the stunt coordinator on Bitch Slap and the fight scenes are well done.

There is a twist at the end of the movie which was very obvious to me but the whole thing left me laughing because it was so over the top! There are a lot of better movies than Bitch Slap but it doesn't care and it just entertains the guys and it certainly entertained me. It goes in the category of being so hilariously bad that it is actually good!

Bitch Slap- 5/10


Bitch Slap (2009) said...

If you're a fan of trashy exploitation flicks and love guns, cleavage, and women getting out of cars in slow-motion, then Bitch Slap was made with you in mind.

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