Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dead Air Movie Review 94

Dead Air is produced and directed by Corbin Bernsen and it stars Bill Moseley and Patricia Tallman. It is about a radio DJ who is just beginning his nightly show while there has been terrorist attacks in the USA. Bill Moseley plays Logan Bernhardt, the DJ and while he is getting his show started, he gets word about the attacks. As we watch him, the scene cuts to outside where three Arabic men are running away having just carried out the attacks. It is a chemical attack which makes people go crazy and try to attack and kill like zombies. This is like 28 Days Later and Pontypool which Amanda has reviewed here and here. The night goes on as the terrorists run straight into the broadcasting house and hold the DJ hostage.

This kind of story has been done hundreds of times before and while Dead Air is well-made, it is not very exciting. I was almost hoping that the DJ would be killed as he was so annoying and I didn't care about him.
When the terrorists began preaching about how the virus was developed in the USA and about how America deserves it etc, I began to get bored. It gets too preachy when I just wanted something to happen! There is a hilarious scene where a zombie is trying to catch and eat a guy and can't catch him! It is like Scooby Doo where the zombie puts his arms out and tries to catch the guy and the guy just ducks him! This went on for a few minutes and looked silly. I think that if you love zombie movies then this is worth a look, but if you are a general horror movie fan, then don't bother.

A guy gets shot between the eyes and stays standing. He pulls the bullet out of his head and looks at it. Only then does he collapse and die. Another Scooby Doo scene! These silly scenes killed any sense of realism that the movie might have had and made it look stupid. This is a shame as it is well made but it didn't keep me interested. So, unless you are a die-hard zombie fan, avoid this one like the plague!!!!!!

Dead Air-2/10


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