Saturday, January 23, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen Movie Review 93

Law Abiding Citizen is a thriller starring Jamie Foxx as Nick Rice and Gerard Butler as Clyde Shelton. Clyde is the law abiding citizen of the title and when his wife and child are murdered, he plots revenge. The prosecution lawyer Nick Rice strikes a deal with one of the men who murdered his family in order to make sure that they do time, but Clyde does not agree with this decision. He blames it on the justice system and Nick Rice.

Ten years pass  and the day of the execution of one of the two killers is at hand. Obviously, Clyde Shelton has been plotting his revenge all of these years and he begins to kill all involved with the crime and the trial. Gerard Butler who memorably starred in 300 is an actor I like and here he is very good as a man who has been pushed over the edge. Colm Meaney of Star Trek fame is helping Jamie Foxx's character and basically the movie is just the three of them. In this movie also is Bruce McGill who was Jack Dalton in the McGyver series!!!!

Law Abiding Citizen is a great thriller and it is a great ride like Prison Break as things happen quickly. This would have been one of the best movies this year had it not been for a strange ending. It is an ending that is a clever one but highly unlikely to happen and I thought that it let down the whole movie. If you like action/thriller type movies, then Law Abiding Citizen comes highly recommended so you should definitely get it and check it out now!!
Law Abiding Citizen- 7/10.


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