Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Steam Experiment Movie Review 86

This movie stars Val Kilmer,Eric Roberts, Armand Assante and Patrick Muldoon. Val Kilmer plays Jimmy who walks into a newspaper editor at night to demand front page coverage. When the editor asks him why, he says it is because he has six people locked in a room and they will die soon. The editor calls Detective Mancini played by Assante who is unsure about Jimmy. Jimmy says he has six people locked in a steam room and they are going to prove his theory about global warming. The detective wonders if Jimmy has made this all up or has it happened already or is it happening right now.

As Jimmy is being questioned we see the six people locked in a steam room and they try to get out. Then they argue and begin to turn on each other. This is supposed to be proving Jimmy's theory about what happens to us in global warming. Jimmy is found to be a discredited professor with wild theories but does he tell the truth about holding the people? The scenes between Kilmer and Assante are like Tobin Bell and Donnie Wahlberg from Saw II and are good as they are both good actors. The only problem is that the story is fairly boring after the premise is set up and an attempt at a twist at the end only further draws parallels to Saw II.

We see the people stuck in a steam room getting hotter and hotter while the police detective talks with the mastermind. It's like a cheap knockoff of Saw II and if you have seen that you will know what happens at the end of this too. On the plus side, Val Kilmer is a very good as a crazy genius and I felt sorry for him here as he deserved a better class of movie to be in. There is no real tension cranked up as the people get really hot in the steam room and you will not care if they live or die.
When you hear that the people thought they were joining a dating service only to end up in the steam room, it seems weird. One other good thing is the lovely Eve Mauro who we get to see topless lying out in the steam room!!Other than her and Val Kilmer, there is not much to recommend this so I would avoid it unless you are a fan of either one of them. Just go to 21:30 mins in to see her topless and then turn it off!!!

The Steam Experiment- 1/10.


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