Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amanda's Horror Years- 2000

So, we had the beginning of a new millennium and we hoped that there would be some brilliant horror movies made and that we would see an improvement in the horror movie industry instead of sub-standard crappy movies which we forget instantly. Of course, with the new millennium came the trend of remaking every horror movie available! But, there were some good films made too. In the year 2000, there were some interesting movies such as Final Destination which I really liked before they started to make all those sequels...The first one is always the best and this movie was exactly what I wanted to see.Also released in that year was American Psycho which is horror/thriller but I am including it because I love it. I think that Christian Bale played the part of Patrick Bateman to perfection and having read the novel, I thought that the movie was a good adaptation. Jigsaw has reviewed the book here. Pitch Black is another movie which kind of fits into the horror category while being sci-fi too.Vin Diesel starred and this was a great movie.

Sequels were big business too. We had Blair Witch 2,Hellraiser:Inferno,Scream 3, Leprechaun In The Hood and Urban Legends :Final Cut!!!Some of those movies were okay and some were not so good!!! We also had Cherry Falls which starred the late Brittany Murphy. Not a bad movie. Ginger Snaps was released in 2000 also and it was a good movie too. Dracula 2000 was released with Gerard Butler as Dracula! What Lies Beneath was released in this year and it starred Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. It wasn't too bad...Creature features released were Octopus, Crocodile, Python and They Nest(Ugh)!

So, to recap, the year 2000 had a few good movies, but nothing spectacular. If I have left out anything that you like, let me know. I just put in movies that I have seen so I could have left out lots! I will be back with more horror years next week!!


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