Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Collector Movie Review 102

The Collector is a horror movie that I was looking forward to seeing as it is written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Who are they? They are the writers of Feast and more importantly, Saw 4,Saw 5 and Saw 6. They will be the writers for Saw 7 also.The Collector is directed by Marcus Dunstan as well and stars Josh Stewart as Arkin who decides to rob a house where he is employed as security guy. The family is played by Michael Reilly Burke(He played Ted Bundy in the Bundy movie), Andrea Roth(who plays the wife of Denis Leary's character in Rescue Me) and their lovely daughter Madeline Zima(who stars in Californication and who is pictured below). Good news for guys is that she has a topless scene in this movie!The family are supposed to be going away so Arkin can rob their safe as he needs money to pay his girlfriend's loan shark who is played by Robert Wisdom. He played Lechero in Series 3 of Prison Break and he was the leader of Sona when Schofield arrives at the prison.

Arkin thinks that this will be a nice simple robbery but when he gets into the house, the Collector is in there too!! He is busy with his sick traps that are killing the family as they try to escape!! Arkin cannot get out and he realises that he has to try and outwit the Collector while trying to save the family especially their young daughter. Throughout the house are Home Alone/Saw type traps that can kill such as bear traps on the floor, spikes on the stairs and a very cool knife chandelier! It is just waiting for someone to set off the trip wire so it can fall down on them!!Every serial killer should have one!!!

The Collector was intended to be a prequel to the Saw movies but the producers did not want a prequel.It is clearly like Saw except these people do not get a chance of escape. It is filmed very like Saw so if you like those  movies, then you will love this.There are some gruesome scenes and I loved the idea of the Collector having a killer dog at his beck and call!There is not much else to the story other than the hero trying to get out and save as many people as he can but it is only an hour and a hald and worth checking out.It is quite obvious that the Collector will somehow live to fight another day as he is a good character so I hope that I am not spoiling it for you but watch out for a very short scene after the credits. The Collector is sitting on a box with a living victim inside screaming as he watches old home movies!!I liked this scene a lot and hope they make a sequel, but I doubt it somehow.  

If you like the Saw movie franchise, then I urge you to check this one out now. If you don't like gruesome scenes then give it a miss!The poor family cat meets a nasty end here too! Jigsaw would never have done that! Surely he is a cat lover like we are here at Jigsaw's Lair!!!

The Collector- 8/10

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