Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amanda's Classic Movies- Wild At Heart (1990)

I am a David Lynch fan so obviously I am going to like his movies. You either love him or hate him, I think and I love him. He is the man who gaves us Twin Peaks, my favourite TV series of all time. So, I want to honour this movie which I also love called Wild At Heart. It stars Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage alongside a standard David Lynch cast ensemble..Also, there is some great music from Chris Isaak.It is based on a novel of the same name written by Barry Gifford...

This movie begins with Sailor(Cage) being released from jail after being sent there for killing a man in self-defence. The man had been hired by his lover Lula(Laura Dern)'s mother Marietta(Diane Ladd). Lula is there to meet him outside the prison and they drive off together. Lula hands him his snakeskin jacket and they go to a motel and catch up...They go out and have fun and Sailor serenades her with an Elvis song.. They decide to go to California, despite the fact that Sailor will break his parole.Lula's mother is not happy and she hires a private eye, Johnny( Lynch favourite Harry Dean Stanton) and tells him to get her daughter home by any means necessary.Unfortunately, Marietta hires a mobster to track them too and she wants him to kill Sailor.

The two lovers are driving and having a good time together. They come  upon an accident and they witness a young woman (Sherilyn Fenn) die after she stumbles from the car wreck. This sobers them and they head for Big Tuna, Texas where Sailor knows a pal called Bobby(Willem Dafoe). Lula is pregnant and she doesn't know how to tell Sailor. She finds out that Sailor has agreed to go along with the dodgy Bobby on a robbery. Sailor goes and finds out that Bobby has been sent to kill Sailor which he tries to do, but the cops come in time and Bobby accidentally shoots himself. Sailor gets five years in prison. Lula has to have the child on her own and raise it while Sailor is away. Her mother disappears..

So, cut to five years later and Sailor is being released from jail and Lula and their son is there to meet him. He decides that he is not good enough to be with them and proceeds to walk away from therm, but gets knocked out by a gang(!) This makes him see a good witch(played by Laura Palmer herself- Sheryl Lee). She makes him change his mind and he runs over cars to get to Lula.  He serenades her with another Elvis tune and they kiss....I love this movie and I think that it is weird and wonderful. The two main characters were very good as the star crossed lovers and Diane Ladd was great as the demented mother...A great movie which gets a 10/10 every time.

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