Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crush Movie Review 115

Crush is an Australian movie directed by John V. Soto and Jeffrey Gerritsen. It stars former Home and Away star Christopher Egan.

Egan stars as Julian, a US exchange student living in Australia. He is also very good at Tae Kwon Do and he has a big fight coming up soon.He takes on a job to house sit for three months in Perth and he decides that he can still study etc and do the job. The house turns out to be gigantic and it has a pool and everything. He is happy with it and the owner, Harry, tells him that sometimes his niece comes over to use the pool. He is enjoying himself when he spots a hot girl lying by the pool and he realises that this must be the niece. He goes out to her and she tells him that her name is Anna(Emma Lung) and they flirt and chat.

That night, his girlfriend. Clare(Brooke Harmon) comes to the house and they are watching some of Julian's fights when the power goes. Then it comes back on. Then the front door bell rings and when Julian goes outside, there is nobody there. Someone seems to be watching him. The nexy day, Julian is alone in the house when Anna appears again. She seduces him and they have sex while he has been drinking. The following morning, he feels terrible about it. After this, things start to go badly for him. His girlfriend finds out when she receives an anonymous email and she dumps him. He is devastated and he messes up in his fight and his coach is furious.

Julian decides to find out more about Anna and he realises that she is not all she claims to be. As he digs deeper and deeper, he gets himself into more and more trouble which will not end well! This movie was okay. It was a bit too tame for my taste and it just wasn't that great. If you like Christopher Egan, then this movie is for you as there are loads of shots of him walking around in his shorts!!!



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