Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dread Movie Review 112

Dread is a horror movie based on a story written by horror master Clive Barker. It is directed by Anthony DiBlasi and it stars Jackson Rathbone and Shaun Evans.

The begins with a student called Stephen Grace(Rathbone) who meets a guy called Quaid(Evans). Stephen is at college and they being to chat about fear and it seems that Quaid is very interested in what makes people afraid. Quaid is an artist and he asks Stephen to conduct a study of fear and what causes people to be terrified. Stephen agrees to do the study with him for his college course. Stephen has a female friend called Abby(Laura Donnelly) who has a gigantic birth mark covering half of her face and body. She likes Stephen. Stephen asks a classmate of his called Cheryl(Hanne Steen) to help him on his study. They get on very well together. Stephen and Cheryl find out that Quaid's parents were murdered by a man in his house and he witnessed it. He is still afrad that the killer will find him. We find out that Cheryl was abused by her dad and that she still feels scared by that when she smells meat as her dad used to work in an abattoir and she could smell it on his hands...

Quaid throws out all of his medications and you know that this does not bode well.He begins to get more and more obsessed with what makes people feel scared. Abby calls Stephen over to her house to tell him about her birthmark and the fear of rejection that it has brought to her life. He records it and when she tries to kiss him, he rejects her. She is hurt. He tells Quaid about it. Quaid buys Stephen a car which was the same model as the one Stephen's brother died in. Stephen has been wondering what his brother's last words were as he came face to face with death and he was scared when his brother died.Quaid contacts Abby and he paints her and sleeps with her afterwards. Quaid, Stephen and Cheryl are interviewing people for their project when Quaid realises that one of them is a fraud and he freaks out and smashes all of their equipment. The other two are shocked and they don't want anything else to do with him. He submits their works to their professor and Cheryl and Stephen get a good grade. Quaid apologises and they forgive him. 

But, Quaid has gone a bit bonkers. He scares Stephen by making him get into the car and he drives way too fast, making Stephen think that he is going to die. He locks Cheryl in a room with nothing to eat or drink except a big piece of raw meat. He waits to see how long it will take her to eat it. He shows the whole college the tape of Abby undressed and she is horrified. Stephen sees red and he goes over to Quaid's with an axe to scare him but he sees that Quaid has lost it. He realises that Quaid has Cheryl locked in the room.... Everything gets messy and people die...Not a bad movie, but not brilliant either. I give this a 5/10.


Evilyn Garnett said...

For a horror movie involving four white college students(whom I usually just wait impatiently to get cartoonishly knocked off) I was pleasantly surprised. Quaid was scary from the beginning...his EARS were disturbing. Of course you wonder why these creatures of privilege and safety didn't just interview a few torture victims or Rwandan refugees but that's what make American horror movies tick--incredibly safe people seemingly seeking out danger. Still, there was a really interesting dynamic and the ending was both shocking and sad, so what else can you ask?

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