Sunday, April 11, 2010

The House of The Devil Movie Review 113

The House of the Devil is a horror movie which is set in the 1980's. It is directed and written by Ti West and it stars Tom Noonan and Dee Wallace.

The movie begins with a young college student called Samantha(Jocelin Donahue) who wants to move into an apartment. The landlady (Dee Wallace) tells her that if she can come up with the first month's rent, then she can move in. Samantha goes back to her college dorm and she spots a notice for a babysitter wanted. She calls up the number and she leaves a message. Moments later, the phone rings and it is the person who is looking for a babysitter. He tells her that he will meet her on campus.Samantha waits for him, but he never shows up. Later on, he calls Samantha back and he tells her that he could not make it and that he is sorry. She agrees to take the job and she gets her pal Megan(Greta Gerwig) to drive her out there. 

Samantha meets the man who hired her and he is called Mr.Ulman(Tom Noonan). He seems a bit weird and he tells her that he and his wife(Mary Woronov) want to go out and that his elderly mother needs looking after. Sam is a bit thrown when she realises that there are no kids and she tells him to find someone else. Mr. Ulman gives her lots of money and she decides that she will do it. Megan heads off home and she tells Sam that she is crazy to take the job but that she will collect her later. The Ulman's go out, leaving Megan on her own. She looks around the house and she discovers that the Ulman's are not what they seem and she finds out that she is in real trouble when she sees what their intentions are....

This movie wasn't bad at all. It was a bit slow, though so I wouldn't recommend it if you like all action. It did meander a bit but overall, it was a good watch.

The House of The Devil- 6/10


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