Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Stepfather Remake Movie Review 116

The Stepfather was a movie from the 1980's starring Terry O'Quinn from Lost but this remake is nowhere near as good as the original. It stars Dylan Walsh,Sela Ward and Amber Heard. It is directed by Nelson McCormick.

If you have seen the original, then you already know the story. I will go through it anyway in case you haven't. There is a man called David Harris(Walsh) and he has just murdered a family. It turns out that he is a psychopath. He changes his appearance and he drives away from the crime scene. The cops look for him, but they don't have a clue who they are looking for. He moves to another town and he meets Susan Harding(Ward) and they get on well and begin dating. Susan has a son called Michael(Penn Badgley) who has been away at military school. He is some sort of rebel or something and he spends most of his time hanging around with his girlfriend Kelly(Heard). 

 So, Michael meets David and when his mother gets engaged to him, Michael is a bit worried. He sees that David isn't normal and he realises that there is more to him than meets the eye. He wants to get his mother away from him and it all turns into a really crappy verison of the original. Dylan Walsh is no Terry O' Quinn and he comes across as laughable during this movie. If the director thought that this movie was going to be any sort of improvement on the original, then he was way wrong. This is teen/really crappy horror with very little to offer in the way of scares or creepiness. I would never watch this again and if you like the original, then give this tripe a miss. This gets 2/10 and that is being generous!


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