Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chloe Movie Review 124

Chloe is a drama/thriller starring Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried. It is directed by Atom Egoyan who also directed Where The Truth Lies and Adoration.

So, our tale begins with Dr.Catherine Stewart(Moore). She is getting older and she imagines that her husband, David(Neeson) is having sex with his students. He is a professor and his female students look up to him. She plans a birthday party for him, but he gets stuck overnight and he can't get back for it. This makes Catherine suspicious of him. One evening, the couple are at a restaurant and she is in the bathroom when she hears someone crying in a stall. She finds out that it a young woman called Chloe(Seyfried). She tells Catherine that she is having a hard time with men. Catherine finds out that she is a high class hooker.She thinks about her husband cheating and she asks Chloe to seduce him and see if he takes the bait. Chloe agrees.

Chloe sets about meeting him and when she arranges to meet Catherine again, she has lots to tell her. Meanwhile, Catherine has to put up with a disrespectful, idiot of a son who thinks it's okay to bring his girlfriends back to his bedroom and have sex. Chloe meets the son and he likes her. Catherine does not want Chloe to get friendly with her son. Chloe tells Catherine that she has had sex with David. Catherine is confused and hurt and she ends up in bed with Chloe!!After this, she wants nothing more to do with the whole business and she tells Chloe that she doesn't want any relationship with her, but Chloe is not happy about this. She keeps bothering her and wanting to be with her.

Chloe starts to hang around with Catherine's son to get inside her house. Once there, she has sex with the son. Meanwhile, Catherine is confronting David about what happened and he denies everything. He has never even met Chloe let alone had sex with her. Catherine realises that Chloe made the whole thing up just to get close to her. David and Catherine agree to start again and get back to where they used to be. Catherine heads home while David has to go back to work. She finds Chloe with her son and she freaks out. They argue and Chloe falls out of the window. End of story.Here is a picture of Amanda Seyfried so you can see what was the only good thing about the movie.....

This was an okay movie. There was nothing spectacular about it and the story plodded along. It is worth a watch if you like one scene of lesbian action , but apart from that, it isn't great. I am giving it a 5/10.


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