Friday, May 28, 2010

Damage Movie Review 126

Damage is a movie starring the ex- WWE wrestler, Steve 'Stone Cold' Austin as John Brickner who has just been paroled from prison. He soon gets a job as a bouncer in a bar as he is a good fighter so it seems kind of like Roadhouse at first! Laura Vandervoort who stars in V, plays Frankie and she is a waitress in the bar who sees Brickner fighting. Togther with her friend Reno, played by Walton Goggins, she puts Brickner into underground fights for money .

As Brickner was helped in his parole by the wife of the man he killed, he knows that he owes her a lot. She sent letters on his behalf to get him out as he promises to help her with anything. Her daughter needs a heart transplant that costs a lot of money. Obviously the only way that Brickner can make the money is by fighting is in the underground fights so you can see where this is going already....

Damage goes the way you would expect as Stone Cold Steve Austin beats up a lot of people,  becoming battered and bruised in the process!! Walton Goggins is good as the scheming Reno and Laura Vandervoort is as beautiful as ever!I have included a picture above for you to enjoy!!! There's nothing here that you have not seen before but Damage is quite entertaining. Fans of Stone Cold will like this a lot but otherwise, it is a run-of-the-mill beat 'em up movie. If you  have nothing else to watch and you like a straightforward story with some action, then you could do a lot worse than to watch this!!!



Dani said...

Damage is another excellent movie. I watch all Steve Austin movies. He has brawn but he also gives you emotion and that's one of the things that wrestlers tend to lack when they try and breakout into acting.

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