Monday, May 24, 2010

Daybreakers Movie Review 125


Daybreakers is a  movie directed by the Spierig brothers and starring Ethan Hawke among others. It is set in the year 2019 and vampires rule the world and humans are hunted for their pure blood.

We are told that some virus or plague turned most people in the world into vampires and that humans are the minority. Ethan Hawke plays Edward Dalton, a hematologist who is researching a blood substitute as the stores of human blood are coming to an end. He doesn't want to kill humans and he is sympathetic to their cause. There is a greedy head of the firm where Dalton works called Charles Bromley(Sam Neill). He asks Dalton to come up with the blood substitute, but it doesn't work so he wants the remaining humans caught and drained for their blood. Dalton has a brother called Frankie and he is a soldier. He has to enforce the rules and he disagrees with Edward on the humans. He doesn't see anything wrong in hunting them down and getting their blood. Meanwhile, the vampires are all going mad from lack of blood..

Edward bangs into a group of humans in his car and they are wary of him until he tells them he would like to help them. They trust him and he tries to help them get away. He meets a guy called Lionel(Willem Dafoe) who was a vampire and changed back after he went out into the sunlight and jumped into a river.Edward is amazed by this. Charles Bromley finds out about what Edward has been doing and he is not pleased. He asks Frankie to find Edward. The humans are travelling to another place when they are attacked by vampires and most of them are killed except one girl. It turns out that her name is Ally Bromley(Isabel Lucas) and that she is human whilst her father is Charles Bromley. He tries to turn her into a vampire but she doesn't want to.

Edward and the remaining humans find out that all of their pals are dead. Meanwhile, the army is getting rid of creatures called Subsiders. These are vampires who haven't drank blood in ages and they have just turned into ugly beasts. Ally has turned into one and she is destroyed. So, Edward has to find out if he can replicate the experiment that Lionel did and turn back into a human. It begins to work and he discovers that if  the reverted human is bitten by a vampire, then they return to human as well so I need not explain what happens in the end!! I liked this movie. There were some great scenes and special effects. I liked it a lot and I am giving it 8/10. By the way, above is a picture of Isabel Lucas for you to enjoy. You might remember her as Tasha in the Australian soap Home and Away!!!!


Sci-Fi Gene said...

Nice review. I thought the world ruled by vampires was quite witty, e.g. the news broadcasts, the coffee-with-blood stalls, and the whole blood bank idea. Also there's plenty of blood and guts - given how much blood they used in the film I'm not surprised there's a global shortage in 2019.

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