Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kick Ass Movie Review 121


Kick Ass is a movie starring Aaron Johnson as a young guy called Dave who decides to become a superhero! Great idea, only he has no super powers at all except for his invisibility to girls as they don't like him! He wears a scuba outfit and heads off to stop two thieves he meets on the street. Of course, he is promptly stabbed and the realization that life is not like comic books sets in. He heals up and vows to do better next time!

Kick Ass is a comedy/action movie that could have ended up as just a funny idea and nothing else but it is really entertaining.Kick Ass fighting crime becomes a You Tube sensation and he meets fellow crime fighters Big Daddy and Hit Girl. They are a father/daughter team and Big Daddy is played by Nicholas Cage and Hit Girl by Chloe Moretz. Big Daddy is obviously very like Batman and Cage does a very good Adam West  impersonation! In case you don't know, Adam West played Batman in the 1960's TV show. Big Daddy is after the crime boss, Frank D'Amico played by Mark Strong because when Big Daddy was a cop, he was set up by him and sent to jail. Frank is after Kick Ass as he thinks that he is hurting his crime business when really it is Big Daddy. They all have to get together to take D'Amico on. Complicating matters is D'Amico's son, Chris, played by Christopher Mintz Plasse of Superbad fame. He befriends Kick Ass as another Superhero Red Mist!! He wants to lead Kick Ass into a trap so he can get his dad's approval.

In case you are getting the wrong idea, this a very violent movie and there are some great action scenes. Hit Girl steals the show as she is a very young girl who is a great fighter and has funny lines also! This movie will make you laugh as well as enjoying the great action and I especially liked Kick Ass saying that he will never find out what happens on  Lost as he thinks he is about to die! I would definately recommend Kick Ass as it has everything that you would want in a movie and there is definitely an opening for a sequel at the end so I hope that that is made eventually. Go get Kick ass and see it now!!!

Kick Ass- 10/10


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