Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street 2:Freddy's Revenge Movie Review 119

Freddy's Revenge is the second movie in the Nightmare On Elm Street series and it is directed by Jack Sholder.It stars Mark Patton,Kim Myers and of course, Robert Englund as Freddy.

So, we start from where the last movie left off. There is a dream sequence. A school bus is dropping kids off and there are only three students left on it. The bus suddenly starts to veer off and it ends up in the middle of nowhere. Who is behind the wheel only Freddy!!He laughs as the kids try to escape.....It seems all is lost when the dream ends and we see that the dreamer is a kid called Jesse(Mark Patton). He and his family have moved into the house in which the last victim of Freddy, Nancy lived. Of course, Jesse doesn't know anything about this yet.He wakes up screaming from very bad nightmares with this guy Freddy in them.

So, we see Jesse meeting his pal, Lisa(Kim Myers) and we see that he is in high school. He finds it hard to concentrate at school as he is not getting enough sleep due to his nightmares. Freddy appears to him in his dreams and tells Jesse that he wants him to kill. Strange things begin to happen in the house such as the toaster catching fire and their bird bursting into flames. At school, Jesse has to put up with a sadistic coach who makes him do push ups. One night, Jesse has a terrible nightmare and wanders off to a bar where he bumps into the coach who takes him back to the school and makes him run laps(???)The coach gets killed and Jesse thinks that he has done it but he knows that Freddy was there. Jesse finds out about the murders before and about Freddy. He is horrified.

Basically, Jesse has to fight against Freddy who is trying to take him over and make him kill for him. Lisa and his pal try to help him, but Freddy is very powerful and he is gaining control over Jesse by the minute..Lisa and Jesse find Nancy's diary and they read that Freddy is gaining power from their fear. Lisa tells Jesse that he has to show Freddy that he is not scared of him....Freddy has no intention of going down without a fight and Jesse and Lisa are not going to last long against him!!!!!

So, this was the sequel to the original Nightmare on Elm Street and it was decent. I liked it and I thought that it was entertaining. I would recommend this to any fans of the original movie. I will be back with the third installment soon...This gets a 7/10.


Tower Farm said...

Thank you! I like this one, too. But, no one else seems to be able to stomach it. I love that poster for the movie, too. It should have been the DVD cover.


Amanda said...

ya this was a good sequel and it should be recognised especially with the remake coming out. i dont want the old movies to be forgotten!!!!

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