Friday, May 14, 2010

When Night Falls Movie Review 122

When Night Falls is a thriller from New Zealand written and directed by Alex Galvin. It stars Tania Nolan and Rosella Hart.

There is a flashback at the beginning of the movie. A nurse is in a hospital and she is alone. She hears whistling and she goes to see who it is. She is grabbed by someone and killed. Cut to a nurse called Louise(Nolan) in New Zealand in 1932. She is looking after an invalid called David (Kevin Keys) in a large house. She has another nurse, Nurse Davis(Hart) with her. The caretaker of the house is Mr Jacobs and he has to go to town overnight and he is worried about leaving the two nurses and his wife, Mrs. Jacobs alone in the house as there has been reports of a maniac on the loose. Mr Jacobs tells Louise to make sure that every window and door in the house are locked and he tells them not to open the door to anybody. Louise checks the house out and she closes everything. She goes up to see the invalid David with whom she has a loving relationship.

Louise and Nurse Davis go down to dinner with Mrs. Jacobs and they hear a report on the radio about the killer on the loose. They become very scared. They hear that there has been a murder not very far away and they really panic.Mrs Jacobs goes to bed. It is just Louise and Nurse Davis. Someone knocks on the door and they jump but they will not open it. They go up to check on David but they can't wake him. Nurse Davis thinks that there is someone in the house with them. They phone the doctor but he is out. Louise thinks that she might not have closed the window in the basement so she goes down to do it.When she comes back, there is music playing and she hears creaking. The phone has been cut off and she sees someone in the house.

She locks herself in the bathroom and she tries to think of what to do. Nurse Davis has been knocked out upstairs from drinking whiskey which was spiked so she is no help.When Louise opens the door, she goes upstairs to David's room only to find Mrs. Jacobs dead. She finds out that Nurse Davis arranged everything and that she is a psycho. She tries to kill Louise who ends up throwing her through a window. The next morning, Louise awakes and she thinks about what happened and she realises that Nurse Davis couldn't have done everything on her own. She hears whistling coming up the stairs and the door knob turns as she realises her fate..... This is a well made thriller with some great suspense. I would recommend it to anyone as it is well worth the watch. I am giving this one a 7/10.


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