Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 5 Review


So, this week, there were two episodes of Hell's Kitchen and I am going to review the first.Last week, nobody went home so this week, nobody is safe!

The chefs had a challenge to get in a pen with some little pigs and grab them. The pigs have an ingredient on a piece of paper around their necks and the chefs had to catch the pig and get the paper. They then had to cook whatever was written on the paper. They split into teams of two and got cooking.
The men won the challenge as Maria screwed up. The gents got to go to a spa with Autumn on their team and they seemed to appreciate her assets at the spa!!! The ladies have to wash the little piggies while the others lounge around in the spa.

When the other team return, they have to get ready for service. Before they do, they all sit around and get to know each other better which is kinda scary as some things, you just don't want to know! That night, Hell's Kitchen is going to do barbequed food and it should be easy, but no such luck!!! Nilka gets ahead of herself and tries to cook the chicken in advance. Chef Ramsay decides that each team will take it in turns to serve and cook. So, the red team is up first and they go to pieces as Maria has a meltdown. She can't keep it together at all. The red team start to bicker and it looks as if they are all working separately. Meanwhile, nasty Autumn is serving diners and telling them that she can take back food if it is not up to scratch which is very devious. Needless to say, the food starts to fly back to the kitchen, screwing up the red team. Scott messes up his chicken which should be easy. He leaves the oven door open which is a health and safety hazard! 

The red team try and serve customers and get mixed up. The blue team seem to be doing well in the kitchen apart from a few mishaps.Maria is messing up orders on the floor and Chef Ramsay is horrified. Jason tries to fry chicken and fries together in the fryer and Chef Ramsay is disgusted. Jason starts his usual moaning. Chef Ramsay tells the teams that they weren't great. He tells the red team that they lost again! Fran was the best of the worst so she gets to pick two people to get the boot. She picks Nilka and Maria. Chef Ramsay calls out Scott too and sends Nilka back. Fran feels bad about picking Nilka over Scott. Chef Ramsay sends Maria home and I think that he made the right decision.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Star Quest- The Odyssey Movie Review 130

Star Quest- The Odyssey is a science fiction movie directed by Jon Bonnell and written by Carlos Perez. No, I do not know who they are! It stars Adam Rini as a Captain Jack Tanner who is basically a copy of James T. Kirk but with a title like Star Quest, it's obvious this is a copy of Star Trek! This is very low budget sci-fi so you will see lots of things stuck to walls to make them look futuristic!!

The story for what it's worth is about the Odyssey which is the ship heading back to Earth after a war has finished and is now just for exploration. The war that has finished was between the humans and he Chrome or was it Krone, I'm not too sure! They are basically cyborgs and a cross between The Borg and Klingons! They snarl and love to fight but they are big guys with wires strapped to them!! The opening title sequence is well done and tells the tale of what the future is now like. Then we go into a hilariously bad fist fight and things go on from there. If you read the threads and user comments on IMDB for this, you would think the movie makers were shooting the new Star Trek movie as people really expect too much for a low budget movie. That being said, Star Quest is very bad and seems to shoot itself in the foot.

For a shoestring budget, some things are okay. The story is a copy of the pilot of Star Trek- Voyager and the bridge of the Odyssey looks quite good. The make up effects are okay once you get past the wires hanging out of a guy to make him look like a cyborg! The animation inserts showing the ship in space are well done but allo a sudden seem to just freeze now and then. So, after a promising opening sequence, we get a ropey fist fight then dodgy CGI. You could live with that until the Captain visits the engineer who is looking at the hyper drive. He quite literally pulls a bolt put of the hyper drive that has gotten loose! Then he says a washer has gone missing! Later they pick up a signal from a planet and investigate. This is very like the original Star Trek as they walk around a desert with bushes. They find a monolith that talks to them in a hilariously bad computer voice. After they get threatended by it, they destroy it and while using their hyper drive they get caught in a Supernova. They are now far from home and get threatened by a huge compass in space! The second officer says " I didn't think it could get much worse" and the Captain replies "It looks like it just did." This is one of the most unintentionally funny ends ever!!!

Sci Fi is hard to do and it is hard to get it looking even half way decent on a low budget. This is why I sort of like Star Quest. They tried and a few things were okay but they let themselves down in a lot of areas. A quick look at the script would have sorted these out and it's a shame. The hyper drive missing a bolt and washer is very silly and the  CGI just needed a bit more effort to lighten it up. This is a movie that is begging for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment! In the end credits, there are some funny out takes and the whole movie is only 81 minutes long. Only if you  love sci fi and Star Trek would you even be able to get through this movie! It's a movie that is so bad that it's good. They give special thanks in the credits to Gene Roddenberry so it is obviously a homage to him and Star Trek., Watch this one with friends and a few drinks and I bet you will have a good laugh. This is a bad movie but something about it made me like it a small bit. I cannot really recommend it but in saying that I have seen worse movies. The ideas of a hyper drive missing a bolt and washer makes me laugh ever time I think about it!!!!As a sci fi movie it gets 3/10 but for comedy a 6/10.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hells Kitchen Season 7 Episode 4 Review

So, we are down to twelve chefs now as we head back into Hell's Kitchen. Last time, Jamie got the boot so this time, the women are determined not to lose another member of their team.

Irritating Scott is trying to help Salvatore, but he comes across as annoying and full of self-importance. I don't like him at all. So, the chefs have to roll a dice with a letter on it, they have to pick an ingredient that begins with that letter. The men pick good ingredients and the women get some really awkward ones. The two teams go head to head and the men win the challenge.(Watch the clip above!) They go skydiving while the women get to clean Hell's Kitchen from top to bottom and prepare both kitchens for service.

That evening, the men return and service begins. Chef Ramsay tells them that they have some special guests. They are some famous personalities and they are sitting right in front of the kitchen so they can see everything.
Scott starts to piss everyone off and he begins to try and tell the others what to do. Siobhan can't tell the difference between lobster and crab and Chef Ramsay is appalled. Salvatore cooks the fish wrong and gets screamed at but then he starts to pick it up and turns out great fish. Chef Ramsay is very pleased with him.
He doesn't seem like a bad cook, I think he gets flustered and messes things up, but he could be good in the future....Ed and Scott both have mishaps and get shouted at, so nobody is safe! Autumn shows no respect for her food and Chef Ramsay is NOT impressed with her majesty!!!

Nilka impresses with her work in service. Scott crumbles after all his talk...He can't back it up! At the end of the night, Chef Ramsay is pleased with them. He tells Salvatore that he is a good cook and he tells Nilka that she should be proud. He tells them to pick one person from their team to go home. Nilka picks Autumn and Salvatore picks Scott. Chef Ramsay gave them another chance and didn't send anyone home. Instead, he put Autumn on the men's team and Scott onto the women's. I was hoping that either of these annoying people would get kicked out, but not this week! Hopefully, Autumn or Scott will get kicked out next week.Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:Dream Warriors Movie Review 129

Dream Warriors is the third installment in the Nightmare On Elm Street series. This movie was directed by Chuck Russell and it stars Heather Langenkamp, Patricia Arquette, Laurence Fishburne, John Saxon and of course, Robert Englund.

This movie begins with a young teenager called Kristen Parker(Arquette) who is making a house from paper mache.  It is an old run down house.She doesn't want to fall asleep because she is having nightmares about a man who is going to kill her in the old house. She awakens and goes into the bathroom where Freddy is waiting for her and he slits her wrists. Her mother comes in and thinks that she has tried to kill herself so she is committed to a psychiatric hospital with other teens who seem to have similar problems. We discover that more teens are killing themselves and nobody can explain why. Dr. Neil Gordon(Craig Wasson) is working with the kids and he welcomes a new colleague called Nancy Thompson(Langenkamp) who was terrorized by Freddy in the first movie. Nancy forms a friendship with Kristen.

Max is an ordely working in the hosptial and he is played by Laurence Fishburne. He gets along with the kids.
Nancy looks into Kristen's life and she talks to her mother about the nightmares. Her mother doesn't seem too worried about her daughter.Kristen still has nightmares and she can pull people into her dreams. She calls Nancy for help and Nancy is brought into Kristen's nightmare where Freddy is lurking.Nancy tells Kristen about her own experiences and she realises that all the kids are dreaming of Freddy.Freddy gets closer and the kids begin to die in ways which look like suicide.Nancy wants Dr. Gordon to give them an experimental drug so that they won't have nightmares. Nancy takes it and she is still alive. Dr Gordon agrees. He is devastated when another kid dies. He sees a nun who seems to be following him and he talks to her. She warns him about an evil spirit. 

We disover that the kids who are dying are the sons and daughters of the people who burned Freddy to death and this is his revenge.So, the nun tells Dr. Gordon that the only way he will get rid of Freddy is to find his remains and bury them on hallowed ground. Nancy leads the doc to her dad played by John Saxon and  he leads the doc to the remains, but not before Freddy finds him...The others are with Nancy and she tells them that they have to be hynotised and fall asleep and they can all gang up on Freddy and destroy him.
Kristen has been locked in a padded cell and they all need to help her before she falls asleep and is helpless..
So, they find Kristen and Freddy finds them, but luckily Dr Gordon buries the remains and Freddy is destroyed but not before he kills Nancy. Dr. Gordon meets the nun again and she reveals that she is Freddy's mother. The movie ends with Dr Gordon sleeping with a toy house beside him. All seems fine until a light comes on inside it! Looks like Freddy is back!!!!

I enjoyed this movie. It was fun and I thought that it was entertaining. I am going to give it a 7/10 because it kept me watching the whole way through which is more than I can say for a lot of recent movies I have seen.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 3 Review

I am back for another thrilling week in Hell's Kitchen. Last week, we lost Andrew and Mikey. This week, the chefs are back for more shouting and swearing...

This week, the chefs are told that they need to work as a team. Hell's Kitchen is opened for lunch and the chefs are expected to cook for the USC marching band(Watch the clip above!). They are making burgers and fries and salads and the dining room is split into two and each team gets a half. So, it is men versus women and the women end up winning the challenge.Autumn is her usual obnoxious self and Jamie is poor. In the mens kitchen, Jason is slow again. So, the women go to the beach and play soccer with Ramsay and his family while the men clear a river of all the crap that has been dumped in it.

That night, in service, the men want to win. They need to bounce back. Fran burns her hand badly while they are prepping and she doesn't tell the medic which I think is very silly. She suffers on. Salvatore and Holly go out on the floor to serve so each team is down one. Salvatore messes up his orders as his English is not as good as it could be and he gets shouted at by Chef Ramsay. He threatens to leave and he is on the way out when Jean Phillipe follows him and gives him some advice. Salvatore decides to give it another go. So, on the ladies team, Maria is sending out terrible risotto and she gets yelled at. She can't seem to get it right. Jamie is having a hard time too. On the mens team, Scott is irritating the hell out of everyone and he seems to think that he is a brilliant cook when he is just average.Jason is slow again and he is annoyed. Siobhan gives Chef Ramsay raw fish. Benjamin and Nilka are the best cooks in service.

Fran has a meltdown and she has to see the medic. Why she didn't go in the first place is beyond me. She gets her hand sorted and she is back.So, service ends and the men win. The ladies choose Jamie and Fran. Chef Ramsay chooses to sack Jamie as she was very poor.. That is it for another week..Be back with more soon...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ghost Image Movie Review 128

Ghost Image is a thriller directed by Jack Snyder and starring Elizabeth Rohm of Law and Order fame.

The movie begins with a woman being chased in her apartment by something not visible which ends up killing her. We cut to a guy called Wade(Waylon Payne) who is making a home movie of a party. He is with his girlfriend, Jennifer(Rohm). We find out that she was on medication for mental problems, but now she is better and doesn't need it. Cut to next day and Wade has had an accident and is killed. She is devastated and she watches his home movies over and over.She finds a tape with Play Me written on it and she plays it. Wade comes up on screen and he tells her that he loves her etc. She thinks that she sees her dead sister in the video and she freaks out. We find out that her sister died when Jen was twelve and that is why she takes pills.

The cops are investigating Wade's accident. They find out that the brakes were messed with. The keys to Wade's car are missing.Jen sees a strange man watching her.The cops are wondering if Jen was meant to have to car accident and not Wade.Maybe someone was trying to kill her.Jen calls her pal, Tucker(Matthew Del Negro) for support.A lot of strange things begin to happen to Jen and she is under suspicion for the murder of Wade. They ask a lot of questions and  she wonders if they think she did it because she is crazy. The strange man keeps following her and he attacks her. She tells the cops. She is chatting to Wade through the computer which makes her pals wonder if she has gone mad. He is warning her that she is in danger.

It turns out that Wade shot footage of her friend Stan making some dodgy deal with a senator and that is why she is being targeted but when she shows the cops nothing shows up and she looks insane. They begin to think that she has a real problem and that she is making up everything. Anyway, it all comes to a head in the end and all is revealed....Watch it and see..Even if the movie isn't great, at least you can have a look at Elisabeth Rohm...Above is a nice picture of her for you to enjoy!!!

This film was okay. It wasn't brilliant, so don't rush out to rent or buy it! I am giving it a 5/10

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hells Kitchen Season 7 Episode 2 Review

So, we are back in the hottest kitchen in town for another episode of Hell's Kitchen. Funny, but this year, there doesn't seem to be anyone standing out to me who is good and who I would tip to win. Last year, I picked Dave and I was right. This year, I'm not so sure.But then again, it is early days yet, so you can't expect to see a winner emerge . I do know, however, who I do NOT like and that is Autumn. She is a bossy b***h and I do not like those kinds of people...

Anyway on with the show...Last week saw Stacey get kicked out, so I was pleased with that. This week, the chefs went head to head in an egg challenge! They had to pair up and make eggs four ways. Siobhan was by herself. So, they all got on okay but then Siobhan admitted that she had help and Chef Ramsay was NOT impressed! Autumn helped her and Siobhan made out that she was bullied into letting her help, which I can agree with. Autumn is the type of person who would try and get someone else into trouble. Watch out for her as I can see that she is a backstabber already.The men won the challenge and they got to go in a helicopter with Chef Ramsay and then they were treated to a meal with her. The bitching begins with the women as usual and there are some harsh words exchanged. Siobhan is very upset over what happened.

Service begins and the teams are in the kitchen..Mikey keeps messing up his risotto and Chef Ramsay is amazed at how many times he messes it up(Watch the video clip). On the ladies team, Nilka is totally lost and lets her whole team down. Jason can't seem to cook the chicken and gets yelled at..The ladies don't seem to be communicating at all and it is worrying Chef Ramsay. Andrew is a bit of a weirdo and he starts talking to himself during service and he falls  foul of Chef Ramsay and he ends up getting kicked out of the kitchen. He decides that he is heading home and that is the end of him. Quitter! The men struggle on without him and finish service. The teams are told that they both have to choose a person for the boot. The ladies pick Autumn and the men choose Jason. Chef Ramsay ends up picking out Mikey who messed up with the risotto.. So two went this week.....I will be back next week with more ..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Train Movie Review 127

Train is a horror movie directed by Gideon Raff who also directed The Killing Floor. It stars Thora Birch.

The movie begins with an American wrestling team in Eastern Europe. They are travelling to a match and they get on a strange train.They meet some weird locals who take their passports which are promptly thrown in a furnace and burned. It becomes obvious that this train is not like any other. There is something bad happening and the Americans are caught up in it. Strange things begin to happen when their coach is injected with something by some weird woman. When he wakes up, he is on a table and some guy is cutting him open.Todd(Derek Magyar) runs through the train naked but gets caught by a large menacing guy and taken.

The rest of the team realise that there is something bad happening on the train and they are worried. More of the team begin to disappear. Alex(Hird) looks for the others and when she finds out what has happened to them, she is terrified. They have all been tortured and opened up. She gets caught and is thrown in with the others. The two weird locals try to rape her but she escapes. She has to run and she finds a lab on the train and realises that the baddies are harvesting organs. She manages to get off the train and she finds another member of the team and they try to escape, but to no avail. She has a fight with the huge,hulking baddie and he tries to kill her, but she gets there first.

This movie is like Hostel on a train. It wasn't brilliant, but there were some good action scenes. It is gory though, so be warned if you have a weak stomach...All in all, this was not too bad. I am giving it a 5/10.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 1 Review

So, we are back for another season of Hell's Kitchen and the new recruits are being herded inside to meet their tormentor, Gordon Ramsay. There are the usual mix of idiots, those with massive egos and those who have some potential! The prize is a job in Ramsay's  restaurant in the Savoy Hotel in London, England.

The chefs are told the usual things and they have to cook their signature dishes for Chef Ramsay. There are some terrible and some really terrible dishes for him to sample and he surprises them all when his kisses one of the contestants who turns out to be his wife in disguise(Watch the clip above!)!!! The mens team wins the first challenge..Chef Ramsay tells them that they will be cooking on the opening night of Hell's Kitchen and they are all worried. He gives them their menus and dishes to study that night and they are all trying to familiarize themselves with everything. But, then, they have to watch tutorials all night. Chef Ramsay shows them how to prepare and cook all of the dishes on TV. The next morning, the womens team have to prepare breakfast for the mens team as punishment for losing.

That evening, the first service and begins and it isn't long before the weaklings are weeded out. The first one to be screamed at is Stacey, who seems to mess everything up and look as if she doesn't give a crap. Chef Ramsay is not impressed with her or the Italian guy Salvatore who burns everything. He ends up sending three of the ladies, Fran, Stacey and Maria, up to the dorm as they are all useless..Maria was laughing, Fran and Stacey made too many mistakes and another member of the ladies team, Jamie, is sent up too. It isn't long before Salvatore and Benjamin are sent up too. The rest of the teams have to pull together and one of the ladies, Autumn, thinks that she is in charge of the team and tries to get everything together. The service is finished finally and the ladies team have lost. They nominate Fran and Stacey to go home, but Stacey is sent home and this was a good decision as she didn't seem very good at all!

So begins another season of Hell's Kitchen. It will be interesting to see who will step up as this year, it seems as if there isn't as much talent on show as last year but we will see!
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